Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a bathroom

So I am putting this out there. Some mornings are just rough and I don't put away everything away. Sometimes we are just lazy around here.  Sometimes it a little of both.
This was my bathroom at 9:00 pm Tuesday night. 

I figured that what  could be a better situation than this to start my resolution of being neat and tidy.  Since obviously I wasn't in the morning.  Plus I had just got some new cleaning products that I wanted to try out (tell you all about that later). 

So on to cleaning I went. It just needed to be done. I mean really there is a soda can on the counter (not mine btw). I even got to my makeup drawer.
Wow and I put things on my face from this drawer
Here is a hint. If you can't get makeup off of something try this.
 That is what it is made for after all.

Forty minutes later and ta-da!
A clean bathroom.

And a clean makeup drawer

Let see how long it stays that way.


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