Saturday, January 4, 2014

January Goals

Once again I am participating in A Lovely Year of Finishes. Of course that is in addition to my 2014 goals. Well or many in conjunction with.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I am hoping this time around to make my goals a little more manageable. So this year I am going to set one goal each month and it maybe a big as finishing a quilt top, or quilting a quilt. However, most likely this year will be filled with little accomplishments, like cutting out a quilt, or sewing the blocks together.

I have a busy year ahead and don't want to overwhelm myself. However, I don't want to forget to be creative. So little accomplishments will have to do. Little things that I can actually finish. Things that will help me make progress towards my bigger goals.

This month I want to finish the borders for my sister-in-law's yellow and grey wedding quilt.

Wedding quilt progress

They used the blocks as signature blocks for their guest book.

Nicole and Paul's Wedding quilt/guest book table

This quilt has three borders. Yes three. Two normal borders and one saw tooth border.

flying geese for yellow and grey quilt

On the first day of the year I started the flying geese and finished them yesterday. That was 60 -  2 1/2 by 4 1/2 - flying geese my friends. These were not made the magic flying geese method or another fancy way. And I have to say I think I like it better.  So yes, that was 120 little squares sewed on to 60 rectangles. It was quite a project.

Now I just have to make them into 4 string of 15 flying geese each to make the borders. Plus cut out and sew the other two borders. And that will be my goal for this month. If I move on to sewing the blocks together than that will be great, but I really really just want to finish the borders.

How about everyone else? Do you have any goals for this month? Are they ambitious or small? Just wondering how everyone else is feeling about this year. 
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  A Lovely Year of Finishes

2014 Goals

As always with a new year means some new goals. Or at least for me an update on my current goals.

Since Pantone's color of the year just happens to be my all time favorite color ever, I decided that this year I would write my goals in shades purple :).

Many of these goals are the same as last year, some are more specific than last year, and some are ones I worked on in the past. I am looking forward to a very productive year with lots of accomplishments, change, and moving forward. My wish is for everyone to have a great year of happiness and love. 

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Bye 2013

Another year is coming to an end, which of course means time for reflection.

Good-bye 2013

This year has been my least creative since I have started this blog. Mostly because I ended up taking a few months off from creating.

Going back into the classroom took more out of me then I would have thought it could have. It used up much of my creative energy (well most of my energy in general) It is so strange what one year off can do. It was like I was out of the flow of teaching. However, I am feeling much more confident again. So much so that I decided to take on a student teacher starting in the new year.

Getting my workout with the teacher's version of a stair master. And yes my ABC line was two sections to short of fitting, so I am redoing that!

That was one factor in the break, the other is that I started an administrative program. I am loving the program, but it does take up every other Saturday. Which was often my catch up on projects times. Saturday mornings were a great time for quilting/sewing for me because my husband plays hockey the night before and always sleeps in. The admin program being on Saturday also means I can not attend the Sacramento Modern Quilt guild meetings. I guess I didn't realize how much they inspired me to finish my projects.

So without further ado here is what I have accomplished this year.

First up Quilting:
Quilting 2013

And a little bit (very very little bit) of sewing too:

Sewing 2013

When I look at my UFOs for last year you can see I barely made a dent.

Projects 2013-finished noted

And my un-started projects... lets not even go there.

However, I did have some awesome things happen this year. We went to Hawaii to watch my sister-in-law get married and made a vacation out of it. I figured out that I wanted to go in to school administration and got into an amazing program. My dad had a quadruple bypass and is recovering well. I went to Texas to visit my nephew, brother and sis-in-law. Learned some new makeup and hair techniques. My husband got he position/promotion that he wanted at his work. Spent lots of time with family. Realized I was allergic to gluten and by not eating all my health problems magically faded away. Best of all my husband and I celebrated our 5 year of marriage/ 12 year together anniversary.

Even with all the ups and downs, 2013 has turned out to be a rather good year. I am looking forward to 2014 being even better.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

One last finish for 2013

My final finish for 2013 is High Five for Jaden.

High Five for Jaden

This is a very special quilt that I made for a friend's/co-worker's son who had a terrible accident. Her son, Jaden, had a bookcase fall on him and he was in a coma for a little while. Then when he woke up they were not sure if he would ever be the same.  Thank goodness he is recovering so well and is very much back to being a normal 5 year old little boy. Much more than they had ever expected.

High Five for Jaden

It just happened that this accident happened right before my month for the Sunday Morning Quilt bee. I used the opportunity to request high five blocks from the Sunday Morning Quilts book in boy colors. One of the ladies suggested fussy cutting boy type things for the centers.

I have to say this quilt turned out to one of the most unique quilts I have ever put together. All the dinosaurs, trains, superman, cats, fish, rockets, and you name it made this quilt amazing. The ladies all did such a great job and I couldn't have put this quilt together with out their help and there is no way it would have been so varied and scrappy if I had just used my own stash.

High Five for Jaden

However, the best feeling was giving the quilt to Amber. I have known/worked with Amber since my first year teaching (her second year). We both started same school site and years later ended up at a different site together again. She is a great person and I am so glad that I could give this special gift to her and her family. I know Jaden will enjoy this quilt and I am glad I was able to get it to him before Christmas.

Quilt Stats:
Name: High Five for Jaden
Size: 56" x 90"
Fabrics:  Scraps from Sunday Morning Quilt bee members
Binding: Not sure it was in my stash 
PatternHigh Five blocks from the Sunday Morning Quilts
Quilting: Free Motion Quilting - Stippling 
Completed: December 2013
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

High Five Work in Progress

I made a lot of progress on my high five quilt this week. I took it from a quilt top to a quilted quilt all in one afternoon. Which is quite an accomplishment seeing as this thing is 54" X 90".


We had a bit of a wrestling match on my little janome, but in the end I conquered this lovely quilt.

High Five Top

I even started binding yesterday. I am hoping to finish today and get it to its new owner tomorrow, but we will see how that goes.

All I know is the more I work with it the more enjoyment I get out of all the prints that are included in it. I am so glad that I had my Sunday Morning Bee mates help me out in making these blocks. There is so much variety and I a really enjoy that.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Winner

Congratulations Deborah you are the winner of the kona charm pack. I emailed you please write me back within 72 hours so I can get your prize to you and I don't have to pick a new winner :) 

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just one more day for SMS Giveway

If you have entered yet there is still time to enter my sew mama sew giveaway.

Kona Charm Pack

And don't forget to go check out all the other sew mama sew giveaways going on right now.

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