Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer is finally here...

This has been one crazy school year.Working on my administrative credential while teaching, took out a good chunk of my me-time.

However, we just finished with the school year the kiddos last Thursday. Not only did I say my goodbyes to my darlings, I also had to say my goodbyes to my Woodridge Family.

Today was my last day as a classroom teach at Woodridge Elementary School. Next year I will be an instructional support specialist. I will be work with other teachers on special assignment and schools in my district. I just don't know what schools yet. I

Since the 4th graders leave Woodridge to go to middle school, we have a secret dress up week to say good-bye. I didn't get a picture of us on art day, but here are some good ones from the rest of the week.

Super hero day - And yes were were one super team of teachers (if we don't say so ourselves).

Super Hero day

The funny thing is that so wasn't planned. Great minds do think alike!

Totally 80s day -  rocking the side pony brought back memories of my previous life as a Valley Girl.

Oh my god! My oh so awesome forth grade team so like rocked the 80's today!

I just have to say that I am so like glad I like got to teach with this like totally awesome team! (See Valley Girl, I grew up in the Valley during the 80s and may or may not talked that way. And no I am not sharing pictures!)

Our last day was Hawaiian day. Which is very appropriate for saying Aloha to our students. Each student got a lei and a Wildcat for Life certificate.

Hawaiian dayjpg

I will miss my team and the rest of the Woodridge family. Their support, friendship, and collegiality have meant the world to me. It has been a great 5 years. 

It is on to a new adventure for me. Next year, I will be a teacher on special assignment as a instructional support teacher with the district. I am not sure what schools I will be working yet, but I am excited to make a difference in a new way.

Less than a week until I have my final presentation and graduate from my administrative program. We had our rehearsal yesterday and I received some great feed back. Although, I now have some work to do on my presentation, I am hoping to get some sewing time in tomorrow. We will see about that.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spin Cycle

My life just his the spin cycle.

My students know I have been feeling a little blue recently. Today was my second day back after bereavement leave for the second time in a month and one of my darlings handed me these and told me she missed me and that she hopes these help. Although I am

So much change in so little time, and it is all happening at once. Luckily it is a mixture of good and bad.

Let's just get it all out there and start with the biggest change. My father passed away on May 15th. He wasn't in the best of health, but it wasn't expected either. He went peacefully in his sleep. He is missed very much. However, I am trying to look at it as a blessing in disguise. Knowing that he didn't have to suffer this and and that it must have been his time, help a little bit. I am dealing with this the best I can and as my mom has put it "(I am) learning how to live with our new normal."


This wasn't the only death we dealt with this last little bit. My husband's grandfather also passed away at the end of April. His health was declining (as it does as we age) and he caught an infection that he just couldn't fight off. We got to say our goodbye at the hospital. He too is missed very much by all of us.


Both of these men were very influential in my life and taught me a lot about love, hard work, trust, honesty and working towards success and happiness. I know they were both so proud of my accomplishments and who I have so far grown up to become. My dad was all there for me, supporting me and loving me especially whenever I needed that push to become the better me. Gramps filled the void of never known my own grandfathers and always treated me like his own grand kid. I am so glad and lucky that I got to have these people in my life. Although, they may not be with us any longer, what they have taught and share with all the loved will not be forgotten.

However, even with all this going on I do have some celebrations. I am almost done with my Administrative credential. In the last few days, I have written 3 papers and completed 2 field works, plus attended my last class. I have 2 finial papers left (one is make up for the time I missed in the last couple months), a final project and a presentation to go. Then I am done and graduate on June 21st.

Leadership Insitute Corsework

School is also almost out. It has been a great year with my bunch of fourth graders. They have grown so much and I am so proud of them. This year I also had a student teacher, it was great to watch him grow and develop his teaching skills. He made a great impact on my students and I am sure he will make a huge impact on all the students he has in the future.

These will be my few last days at my school site. While in LA on bereavement leave I got a call for an interview for an instructional specialist position. I was still in shock when I got the phone call (it was the day after my father's passing) and I almost didn't take the interview. However, after I thought about it a little more I realized how disappointed my father would have been in my for at least not trying. We made a quick trip back to Sacramento from LA and then back down, but it was well worth it. I am so excited about my new position. I know that I really enjoy working with adults to ensure the success of our students and the position will allow me to do that. The role isn't clearly defined yet, but I think it will be an amazing adventure and a great experience.

Now on top the funny yet some what annoy part of this whole spin cycle analogy.  When I came back up from to have my interview, I started doing laundry as we had already been in LA from almost a week. Well, that is when my washing machine decide to call it quits. The spin cycle broke and we purchased a new set of washer and dryer.

New washer and dryer

I have to tell you they are all pretty and new. However, they are different, just like my life, and this is going to take some getting use to.

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