Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer is finally here...

This has been one crazy school year.Working on my administrative credential while teaching, took out a good chunk of my me-time.

However, we just finished with the school year the kiddos last Thursday. Not only did I say my goodbyes to my darlings, I also had to say my goodbyes to my Woodridge Family.

Today was my last day as a classroom teach at Woodridge Elementary School. Next year I will be an instructional support specialist. I will be work with other teachers on special assignment and schools in my district. I just don't know what schools yet. I

Since the 4th graders leave Woodridge to go to middle school, we have a secret dress up week to say good-bye. I didn't get a picture of us on art day, but here are some good ones from the rest of the week.

Super hero day - And yes were were one super team of teachers (if we don't say so ourselves).

Super Hero day

The funny thing is that so wasn't planned. Great minds do think alike!

Totally 80s day -  rocking the side pony brought back memories of my previous life as a Valley Girl.

Oh my god! My oh so awesome forth grade team so like rocked the 80's today!

I just have to say that I am so like glad I like got to teach with this like totally awesome team! (See Valley Girl, I grew up in the Valley during the 80s and may or may not talked that way. And no I am not sharing pictures!)

Our last day was Hawaiian day. Which is very appropriate for saying Aloha to our students. Each student got a lei and a Wildcat for Life certificate.

Hawaiian dayjpg

I will miss my team and the rest of the Woodridge family. Their support, friendship, and collegiality have meant the world to me. It has been a great 5 years. 

It is on to a new adventure for me. Next year, I will be a teacher on special assignment as a instructional support teacher with the district. I am not sure what schools I will be working yet, but I am excited to make a difference in a new way.

Less than a week until I have my final presentation and graduate from my administrative program. We had our rehearsal yesterday and I received some great feed back. Although, I now have some work to do on my presentation, I am hoping to get some sewing time in tomorrow. We will see about that.

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