Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work in progress #13


Unless you count working on my tan. You may have been wondering where I disappeared to. Well it was to the Caribbean. It was spring break and we took a cruise. It was the first real vacation I have ever taken and it was great!

I have been back for a few days and would love to share pictures, but I have over 700 and not all of them are great. Not only that, who wants to see 700 pictures of my trip anyhow.

I will be checking out everyone else's work in progress. I hope progress is more productive than mine :)

I will leave you with one picture as a post isn't a post without a picture.

Yes it really did look like a postcard, and no this photo has not been editied. Awwh I missed the bright skys and teal blue waters of the Caribbean.Oh well, back to reality.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work in Progess Week #12

Yeah I am actually on time this week.
Completed Projects:
A scrappy star for scrap-bee blocks

Two Star and Pinwheel Inspired Blocks for A Twist on Tradition bee . One was finished last week but now they are both on their way.

Pillow for the upcoming trip

Rice heating pad. Funny how it looks almost the same as the pillow :)

Both were from a very simple 10 inch strip. It was cut into 2, 14 inch pieces (for the pillow) and then the remaining amount was turned into the heating pad.

New Projects:

I was going to make luggage handles but, I have a feeling that it just wont happen now. Seeing as I am running out of time to do everything before our trip.  

Plus I am starting a bag to hold the iPods for my classroom. I don't like having them all over the place in my drawer at work.

And since it is the month of April I have two new bee blocks to work on.
Ongoing Projects:
They are all under haven't done anything with these category :)

Completed tops awaiting quilting:

Posh Quilt - backing check, batting check, time to quilt it - nope

Loves Road

I didn't do anything with these:

Doll Quilt for SMQG Challenge

UFOs -

Scrappy Bear

Halloween Quilt

Peace Purse  - I was hoping to make this for a co-worker. I am not sure that is going to happen.

This week's stats:

New projects: 5
Completed projects : 4
Currently in progress - 11
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free is good!

I have been waiting to post this for a very long time. It was finally sunny and I was home early enough to take some pictures.

Right before President's week break I mentioned to a co-worker that I would quilting most of the time. She was very excited that I sewed and offered me her old sewing table for free. She was about to give it away to goodwill.

Without really know what it looked like I decided to take her up on it. Luckily it turned out to be very cute.
It is small when it is all folded up.

Then you open it and wow!

Look at all that storage!

And my extension table fits too.

Best part is the motor actually still works. A little scary looking, but full functional.

Now I like the color but I am thinking, I am going to have repaint it. As it has been loved.

I am not sure of what color I should go with. There is always white/off white or black/dark stain or there is always some bold color. What would you do? Don't worry about the other things in my craft room as I am slow changing from the ikea look(the dresser broke last week) to old furniture that is refinished. I don't have any issues with ikea but I just want something stronger.  

Overall my impression of my new sewing table is... SCORE!

Thanks dear co-worker for thinking of me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mail Time

I am about to send off some very late packages. As I am sure you are tried of hearing, that last month was so busy and that I didn't get anything done. Well, finally my bee blocks are done for the month of march and it maybe the last time you hear that march was busy.

In the first package there are scraps. One of my bee members is doing bottle rainbow and was looking for additional colors. So here is a nice big package for her.

The second package has two blocks, for my a twist on tradition group.

The third package has just one lonely wonky star block.

That is it. That is all I have had time to create.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Speaking of Modern Quilting

I am not sure how many know this but, I am the leader of the Sacramento MQG. Basically that means I run the website and set up the meetings. Sometimes, I do that well and other times I am a slacker.

 Although when I signed up for that, I didn't realize that would mean that people would ask me to speak about modern quilting. I never really intended on becoming the leader for the SMQG, but they needed someone to take over when the founding member moved out of state or our local chapter was a goner. So I stepped up and I am loving it.

I am still learning about modern quilting. I am learning from our members and from all of the members of the modern quilt guild around this big world wide web. Yet, when the Delta Peicemakers in Clarksburg asked for someone to come and speak with them, I said ok.

It was a lot of fun. The ladies were so sweet and encouraging. I really enjoyed speaking in front of them. The best part was when one of the ladies told me I didn't look like I could be older than 21. That made my day, my week, my year. 

I thought I would share with you all what the  what the Delta Peicemakers asked me to cover about Modern Quilting and what I told them. Seeing as all good posts have lots of pictures, I also thought I would link up some of the quilts that my members loaned me or ones from our flickr members, just click the pictures for more info.
The Delta Peicemakers wanted to know: What is it, how is it different, what is the modern quilt guild and they hoped to see some examples. As you go along take a look at some of the SMQG members quilt pictures from flickr.
Without any further delay, here are my answers to those very big questions asked about modern quilting. I wish I could have given them or you an exact definition of all of those. However, I can't. Instead I can tell you what I think and the impressions I have.

The Modern Quilt Guild

See, the thing is, I have been trying very hard to figure out a definition for modern quilting. I have figured out that Modern Quilting has been talked about in articles since the early 1800s. And that each generation has probably had their own definition of modern quilting. The current definition however is quite elusive.

I think the problem is that to each person modern quilting is just a little bit different.

For some it is improvisation or wonky.
"Walking in a Wonky Wonderland"
made by Rebecca

For others it is perfect.
The Commish
made by Debbie

For some it is making up their own pattern.
MT Swap Finished!made by Melody

For others it following a “modern pattern”.
My Skinny Verna made by Jenniffier (me)

For some it is incorporating technology into quilting.
made by Sandra

More than anything I think modern quilting is putting a new spin on the traditional, be it changing the shape or size, using designer modern fabrics or up-cycling old materials or using lots of solids.  It is just making it your own.
 SMQG March Meeting 10 SMQG March Meeting 13
made by Katie Jean 

Modern quilting is a way of expressing creativity through quilting in a new and funky way. It is not about saying this is modern quilting or this is not a modern quilt. It is excepting whatever someone thinks is modern as modern.
SMQG March Meeting  6made by Nancy

Although I can’t define a modern quilt for you all, I can tell you why the modern quilt guild started. The modern quilt guild started in LA in 2009. It came from the desire to meet in person with the growing online community of modern quilters. To actually meet those people who write blogs and share their quilting and creativity online.( Check out The Modern Quilt Guild's page for info on that. )

Zig Zag Pattern

made by Federliy (sorry don't know your name yet)

From there it has grown and grown quickly. There is a modern quilt guild in almost every state and there are even international modern quilt guilds. Our local chapter started in February 2010 and I have been the leader since April 2010. It has been an interesting year. We are growing slowly but surely.
Christmas Mug Padmade by Melody
The biggest difference I see between the modern quilt guild and other quilt guilds is our online component. Most of us blog, talking about quilting in forums, read other blogs, share through flickr and join online quilting communities. Our inspirations often come from others online. We follow tutorials, participate in online quilt alongs, create our own designs that are inspired by pictures of others quilts online, and we join online quilting bees.
Hexagons are done!made by Rebbecca
Also a lot of our members are new to quilting, not all of us, as one of our members has been quilting for 40 years. Plus a lot of the members have learned how to quilt online, from following tutorials to watching YouTube.  However, some modern quilters, like myself, have had quilting passed down as tradition.

SMQG Febmade by Jenniffier (me)

Modern quilting is the 21st century version of an age old tradition. It is a way for us to express ourselves and not feel judge. It is a way to share the love for creating and to get inspiration from others around the world.
WIP One square almost done
made by Cytel

I just want to take a moment to thank my guild members for loaning me their beautiful quilts for me to share with the Delta Peicemakers. I heard so many compliments and they were very impressed.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Work In Progess Week #11

Did you notice I missed a week?

Yep week #10 came and went and I didn't say a word.

If you have been reading along I am sure you have figured it out. I have been busy. Believe it or not I did do some work that week, but I just couldn't get to posting it. So now on to week 11.

New Projects:

In the quilting work still nothing.

It my crazy teaching world, I am working on 21st learning like a mad woman. Clickers, Smartboards, Computers, Digital Cameras, Editing tools and Ipods... OH MY! Having to teach this adults and kids will be an interesting task.

Speaking of adults, I went and gave a speech at the Delta Piece Makers quilt guild in Clarksberg, CA. They wanted to know about Modern Quilting, so I shared with them. My lovely guild members loaned me some quilts and I talked all about Modern Quilting. I am working on a post to add on to here about what I said.

Ongoing Projects:

A scrappy star for scrap-bee blocks  - pulled the fabric, haven't started sewing yet. Tomorrow I actually get to come home after work. This one should be done tomorrow afternoon... Sorry I am late.

Two Star and Pinwheel Inspired Blocks for A Twist on Tradition bee . Finished the first one, the second one will hopefully be done tomorrow also. I just have to sew one the blocks together.

Hexagon Christmas Table Runner/Hexagon Christmas Pillows
The hexagons are done! Finally now I just need to iron lay it our and walk by it for a few days to make sure I am happy with the placement of the hexagons.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:

Posh Quilt - backing check, batting check, time to quilt it - nope

Loves Road

I didn't do anything with these:

Doll Quilt for SMQG Challenge

UFOs -

Scrappy Bear

Halloween Quilt  *10 weeks and haven't looked at it, it didn't even make it into my 5 boxes for upcoming projects. It is officially a UFO.
Peace Purse  - I was hoping to make this for a co-worker. I am not sure that is going to happen.

This week's stats:

New projects: 0
Completed projects : 0
Currently in progress - 9

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

As I said sometimes creative

Sorry I haven't been around. I have been hiding. Actually I have been busy, super busy. Work is keeping me on my toes right now. Plus I had to catch up on my reading of what is going on out there in blog land.

I have been learning a new software program that goes along with my smartboard. It is really neat, I can create quizzes or assessments and have the students use clickers to answer. The best part about it, is that it is instant. I can see what they are getting and what I still need to explain better, right then and there. I would show you a screen shot, but I am sure you are not interested in my 4th grade test prep looks like.

I also wrote a budget for our GATE kids (gifted and talented). I will be teaching them digital photography in May. I think it will be a lot of fun. I can't wait to get all my supplies. Adobe is already loaded on the computers and soon I should be getting the digital cameras and flip cams in.  Now I just have to decided on what I want them to accomplish/learn through the course work.

So there is where all my creativity has gone. I have been using it up on my students. I guess it is a good place to use it. I just wish it left time for my own projects. Like quilting and my own photography.