Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free is good!

I have been waiting to post this for a very long time. It was finally sunny and I was home early enough to take some pictures.

Right before President's week break I mentioned to a co-worker that I would quilting most of the time. She was very excited that I sewed and offered me her old sewing table for free. She was about to give it away to goodwill.

Without really know what it looked like I decided to take her up on it. Luckily it turned out to be very cute.
It is small when it is all folded up.

Then you open it and wow!

Look at all that storage!

And my extension table fits too.

Best part is the motor actually still works. A little scary looking, but full functional.

Now I like the color but I am thinking, I am going to have repaint it. As it has been loved.

I am not sure of what color I should go with. There is always white/off white or black/dark stain or there is always some bold color. What would you do? Don't worry about the other things in my craft room as I am slow changing from the ikea look(the dresser broke last week) to old furniture that is refinished. I don't have any issues with ikea but I just want something stronger.  

Overall my impression of my new sewing table is... SCORE!

Thanks dear co-worker for thinking of me!


  1. Wow! What a great hand-me-down! I think you should paint it blue-green to coordinate with your machine. ;)

  2. Wow!! Fabulous gift. I think you should paint it too, I agree, either a blue or white would be fabulous!


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