Saturday, November 21, 2015

And then I don't

Today I attended the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I really wanted to be able to share during show and tell. However, I sadly have not really been quilting. So I pulled a quilt I haven't share off with them off my mini quilt wall and the mini quilt I use as a placemat at lunch. Both adorable scrap quilts... but seriously that is I have.

I couldn't actually tell the last time I sat down at my sewing machine, or even went in my sewing room for anything other than dropping junk that I didn't know what else to do.

I keep thinking to myself... I am going to sew tonight. And then I don't.

Then I tell myself tomorrow..tomorrow I am going to sew. And then I don't.

So then I start bargaining with myself... Well if I can just get ___ done then I can have time to sew. And then I don't.

When I reflect back all I have done is avoided doing something that makes me happy. Something that relieves stress (which I have)... something that helps me focus (which I haven't been). Something that allows me to be creative. So what is the problem??? Why can't I seem to find my sewing mojo???

Not to say I haven't sewn at all these past few months. I did get kind of sucked into the instagram mini quilt swap mania.

But even for all of these mini quilts that I made, I have felt like I was forcing myself to sew. Oh yeah and of course these mini quilts were my other excuse for not sewing...

I will just finish this mini quilt and start on my projects. And then I didn't.

So what should I do to get my sewjo back? I am hoping that putting this out there, that maybe just maybe I might be able to use my thanksgiving break to find my sewjo again. What do you all think? Any tips for me to get out of this block?
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