Sunday, January 29, 2012

I hate laundry and laundry hates me inspired giveaway

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this here before, but I hate laundry. Honestly, I do not just dislike doing laundry, I actually have a hatred for laundry. It turns out that laundry hates me too.

Recently our laundry machine has been having some issues. One day I came home and the washing machine had leaked all over the laundry room, all because the pesky door is not shutting all the way. To top that off the darn thing has not been draining right and making this awful high pitched buzzing sound.

Tonight, the washer just stopped. Now, I may hate laundry, and although I kind of wanted to celebrate not having to do laundry, I knew that an error on the display and the fact that just stopped working was not a good thing. I pulled out all the laundry and tried again, with just a few items of clothing in the washer. I figured that must of overloaded it. I mean the more you can get in there the less loads you have to do, right? However, that didn't work, which means I had to get my darling husband got involved. Being the techie type, not mechanical type, he looked it up on the internet. One suggestion was up plug it and try again. Yeah I thought, and I am sure he did too, no tools involved.

He tried running it again and the same error occur. I was sure we were in for either, a big repair cost, or a new laundry machine. Suddenly my husband disappeared. Fifteen minutes or so later, I decided to see what happened to him. Surely the laundry monster could not of eaten him. There he was on the laundry room floor. My first thought was, "oh no the laundry monster has got him!" However, it just turned out the next suggestion, on the internet of course, was to clean the drain trap. After giving me some dirty looks and telling me to get lost (ok maybe it was nicer than that, but that was the implied meaning of you need to move) he went on trying to fix it.

Then, I heard "get some towels, the absorbent kind!" Like a good wife, I resisted all urges I had to mock him (I mean really is there another kind) and got some towels. A whole bunch of towels, as the next thing I heard from the laundry room was "WOW! They were right when they said a bunch of water would come out!" My reply of "and you didn't get towels first?" was not appreciated.

It turns out it was the drain trap. Oh the things you will find in a drain trap. Some very interesting things indeed. Now I have to rewash all the laundry that has been sitting in the basket for a few hours. So while I had nothing better to do then sit and make sure my laundry machine really is working again, I thought I would have a giveaway and tell you my little story.

Since I hate laundry and laundry hates me, I am going to giveaway a charm pack (no need for washing those before quilting).

via Missouri Star Quilt Co.
This is a really sweet charm pack that was donated to me by my mom, just for a blog giveaway. I was saving it for some fun celebration, but this seemed like a good time. This charm pack was purchased by my mom from Missouri Star Quilt Co., which is why I feel no guilt in using pictures from their site.

via Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Although, the charm pack has very lovely prints, it wasn't quite what she had wanted, and she has a plethora of fabric. So rather than returning it, she donated it to me for a giveaway on my blog. Thanks Mom! I personally like the purples.

If you would like this lovely charm pack to come home with you, you just have to fill out the rafflecopter entry widget below. I will make this simple and fun. Leave a blog post about "What interesting things do you think I found in my washer's drain trap?" I will give you a hint, it was not paper, and there were four interesting things, which I will share when I post the winner of the charm pack. All answers will get an entry. You must answer in the comment section and fill out the rafflecopter info and check off that you did the blog post for the entry to count. I will give a bonus entry for a second guess and another bonus entry if you follow me and tell me how you do.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shabby Apple Necklace Winner Announced

Last Day for Shabby Apple Giveaway

Last day to enter the giveaway for this lovely necklace from  Shabby Apple. And this time I fixed the rafflecopter link. Sorry about that on the previous reminder post :)

It has over a $50.00 retail value, but it could be yours for free. Just enter below.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sewing/Craft Room Clean Up

Acck, do ever walk into your sewing/craft room and just want to turn around because of how messy you have let it get.

messy sewing room

Well, now that I have a door on my sewing/craft, that seems to be happening a lot more often. However, I have developed some very useful storage tips. These tips will also make clean up much easier to clean up when you did let your space get to looking like above. Trust me... that picture above, did not to justice to the mess. Notice how you do not see the floor in this picture. That would have just been to embarrassing to post.

Now, some day I would like to have a fancy pretty sewing room, but I kinda have this feeling that this room won't be mine forever. So this is not a post about my pretty craft room. It is a post about tips to keep it clean or at least to help you clean up quickly.

Sewing room cleaned up

So how did I get this room clean in less than 15 minutes? I just make sure that everything has a place. Here are my top three issues and my top three solutions.

#1 Rulers - Awwh the rulers and templates and all those nifty tools, but after you use them, the what are you to do with them?


I hang mine up. I just got some command strip type hangers. Slid the ruler though the hook, held it up with the ruler attached spaced them out so the looked some what cute. Just make sure you remove the ruler some what quickly as you have to give the command strips time to set.

Rulers up close

#2 Boxes / projects - I needed a way to store all the projects so I went and bought 6 boxes from target. My goal is to only have

Sewing box six current projects. We will see if that ever happens.

You can see how nicely a project fits in (these do hold layer cakes too). I couldn't find them on, but they have them in the storage section. I think I got them on sale for like 3 dollars each. I started with 4 until, but when I saw I had more room, I added a couple more.

Then I just set them on a bookshelf. And ta da! Nice and organized. Just ignore the pile of bags in the corner and the exercise equipment I should be using right now instead of writing this.

Sewing closet

#3 Fabric - I have a couple ways I store fabric. Did you see that bookshelf above? The white boxes have precuts and kits. On the shelf there are also some mini bolts. These particular ones are called Fabric Organizers. 

mini bolts

I just wrap my fabric that is greater than 2 yards on them and then I can easily cut off what I need.I also label them. So that I know what they are. I am always getting my kona and bella mixed up.

Now for the bulk of my fabric. I wish I could afford to buy mini bolts for all my fabric, but as my mom was kind enough to share the ones above with me, I needed a less expensive option. So, I use these nifty stack-able plastic bins. They come as 3 drawer stacks, but you can pop them apart and stack them even higher.

Fabric Drawers

Inside the drawers is the best part. The fabric. I fold anything a 1 1/2 yards or under into nice little squares and then organize them by color. It is interesting what you find out.

Like this drawer. Hello my name is Jenniffer and I don't know what the color yellow is. Nor do I enjoy the warm side of the color wheel.

Warm fabric drawer

Case in point. I may have a aqua problem. I seem to really like buying fabric in this color range.

blues fabric drawer

With these storage solutions, in just a few moments, I was able to put everything back in its place, and my room is pretty much clean.

Sewing room cleaned up

That is if you ignore the need for vacuuming. There was no way I was not going to do that on a week night.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of my sewing/craft room and that you might have found a tip for helping organize your own space.

I am link up over at the Stitch & Share Challenge - January 2012.
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3 Days Left for Giveaway

There are only 3 days left to enter the giveaway for this lovely necklace from  Shabby Apple.

It has over a $50.00 retail value, but it could be yours for free. Just enter below.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I finished a quilt last weekend. Yep that is right me. Ok fine it was only a table runner, but still that is two finish in one month for me. Which of course means I get to be super proud of myself.

Go you should really go check out the info on it. It is super cute! All the Fabric came from a Sew Katie Jean, local quilt store, and I will be teaching a class on this Saturday for 1-3. There are still lots of space available. So if you live anywhere near Sacramento, you should join us :). Check out her post if you are interested sew katie jean: sew charming

Other than that, I finished my 4x5 bee blocks and they are on their way to there new homes.

4x5 bee

I had planned on starting another quilt this weekend and starting the swoon along, but I just didn't get to it. I actually bought new fabric yesterday for the swoon along, so that should be here soon.

Don't forget to check out my giveaway. It is for a really cute necklace from shabby apple. The giveaway is open until this weekend.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Table Runner for Sew Katie Jean

I just finished this sew charming table runner as  a sample for a class I will be teaching at Sew Katie Jean.

This table runner was created from the simple little table runner pattern on moda bake shop. Once I had made a table runner from this pattern, I knew that it would be perfect for teaching the new quilter or anyone who wants to make a charming project in just one afternoon. I already used this pattern to teach my mother in law to quilt, and I know she had such a fun time learning.

charming table runner

I really love this pattern and think that is just so much fun to make. I am also really proud of myself for having a second finish for 2012. This is so unlike me. If I keep this up I might actually get through all the projects I have planned this year.

charming table runner

I am so proud of this one. For many reasons. 1st - I really did finish this is just a weekend. 2nd - I have two finishes already done from my unfinished pile. 3rd -  I am getting so much better at machine binding. 4th - It is another project off the list. 5th - Once I decided to do this project, I didn't procrastinate. 6th - For once, I followed my block organization and did not get the placement all mixed up. 7th - It is funky and bright. So very cheery.

charming table runner

Quilt Stats:
Name: sew charming table runner
Size: 23" x 40" 
Fabrics: Mostly Spring Street by Carolyn Gavin for P&B textiles 
Binding: Kona (not sure which one) 
Pattern: simple little table runner from moda bake shop by Camille Roskelley
Quilting: Free Motion Quilted with  meandering loop-dee-loo pattern
Completed: January 2012

Now, please excuse me for a minute while I advertise for myself, even though I know most of you live nowhere near Sacramento, CA. The class is this Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 1-3pm. It is a perfect class for anyone who wants to learn how to quilt. The class is $25 and I will be teaching quilt making basics including, cutting, pressing, stitching and organizing you project for success. If you live in Lincoln, Roseville, Rockin, or the Sacramento area and would like to learn how to quilt, then sign up by calling or stopping Sew Katie Jean's in Lincoln, CA.

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P.S. Don't forget to check out my Shabby Apple Giveaway. I am giving away a super cute necklace.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Dresses from Shabby Apple
I am so excited to share this really great giveaway with you. I was contacted by Shabby Apple to host a giveaway for my readers and I just couldn't pass it up. I know it has nothing to do with quilting or crafts, but have you been over there yet? I often drool admire their products, dreaming of having a fancy job where I could wear super cute clothes and not worry about children destroying them.

When you go visit the Shabby Apple's Website, you will be amazed at all the beautiful dresses and accessories they have. I will warn you though, you may find that there are a lot of products there that you really want to be yours. I know that I especial like the vintage style jewelry (kids can't get that dirty).

Now since, Shabby Apple was so kind to offer a giveaway to my readers and know that you all enjoy a good giveaway, I decided to take them up on it. Plus, who doesn't love/need new piece of jewelry?

I am giving away one Key to Wonderland Necklace - an antique brass vintage reproduction skeleton key suspended from a 24" long chain to one of my lucky readers from Shabby Apple.

This necklace will look amazing on one of you. For this giveaway we will be using the rafflecopter widget below. It is pretty simple to use. Just sign in, with your email address or facebook. Then complete the tasks and ta-da, you are entered to win. Only comments left on the rafflecopter widget will be counted towards this giveaway. The giveaway will end January 29, 2012. Although, I can only giveaway one necklace everyone is a winner because Shabby Apple has provided a special discount code for my readers, "jennifer10off", this code will be valid until February 20, 2012. Have fun and good luck!
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FNSI Recap

Friday Night Sew In. Ha! What was I thinking?

Oh I know I was thinking, "I will stay in and sew, I mean I have nothing to do. So why not?"
Let me tell you about why not. Beep beep - a text message reminding me of an appointment at 6:15pm. Hmmm, well that would push back sewing, but let's be real here, can't skip waxing, that is just a bad idea. Oh yeah and dinner. Can't cook dinner when I won't be back home until 7.

Ok a quick dinner out... Ha! Again. Everyone wanted a quick dinner out. That meant that a quick dinner out got us home at 8:30. I don't know what it is about the rain in CA, but everyone always seems to want to go out when it is raining.

Still plenty of time, just take the dogs out, change and ready to go. Sigh, that did not workout either. Freezing cold rain combined with dogs who refuse to potty when it rains = very drenched owner. Time for a bath to warm back up and now it is 9 sometimeish (yes, I did just make a word).

However, at this point I was determined to do something. Sew anything thing. I decided the most important task would be to finish one of my 4x5 blocks.

Then today I finished the other.


Well, at least that is two finished projects and my 4x5 blocks can go in the mail, just a week late. I know bad bee participate, but at least they are ready to go now.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joining FNSI

Handmade by Heidi

It is this Friday, and I will be joining it. I am planning on finishing my 4x5 blocks, starting my swoon quilt, and finishing a table runner top.
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The little things make me happy

I just had a very pleasant surprise. When I got home last night, I proceeded with my normal ritual. Come in, put down my stuff, talk to the husband, flip through the mail, look at anything somewhat interesting... and so forth. One piece of mail that caught my eye was the meissner sewing catalog. It is a local sewing / vacuum center. I figured oh, I will just flip through it, I am sure there isn't any classes that I would like to take. And then there it was on the second page, I saw Anna Maria Horner name at the top. It took a moment to process and then I realized that she is going to be presenting at the Sacramento location from February 2-4, 2012.

Patchwork Prism Quilt (flickr)
She is having a lecture/trunk show, a quilt work shop, and a tote workshop. I couldn't help it and already signed up for the quilt class and the trunk show. I seriously considered the tote class too, but you know how it goes. To see more info go to the meissner webpage.

*BTW totally not a sponsored advertisement.  I just think that this is super fun.  I mean I live near Sacramento... really not ever seems to come here. You would think our state captil was LA or San Fransisco.  Plus thought some of would like to know. I also posted this over at Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild, because of course I would love to be joined by some SMQG friends. Ok maybe this was a little bit selfish post, but I seriously think this is cool.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am finally getting back into the swing of things after that evil cold/flu I had. I am still not feeling 100% yet. I say yet, as it has only been 12 days since I first started feeling bad. I really don't like the fact that I haven't been feeling well for that long, but I am happy that I am on the mend.

Completed Projects:
I am so excited to have my first completed project of the year. I finished my Kaleidoscope Quilt. I am very happy with the way it turned out. Find out more details here.

Suzie on the Quilt

In Progress:
I am very ashamed to say that my modern 4x5 bee blocks did not go in the mail yesterday. I am hoping that I will not be shunned too bad, as I did let my hive know as soon as I realized I was too sick to quilt.


I have two left to go. Everything is cut out, I just need time to sit down and sew. That means I need not have another 12 hour day. Too bad to day was one of those 12 hour days, or I would have finish today. I also am surprised at how much the secondary pattern really came out in the blocks. If I would have know that I would have changed the one in the bottom right corner so the green showed up as the secondary pattern. I also am not to terribly happy about the red/white/blue one. I think it looks great but the traditional colors made the block look pretty traditional, but I do think it is the one that pops the most.

No Progress:
Didn't do anything with the other 20+ projects I have. On last weeks work in progress post I had said I that needed to figure out some way to count them off. Well, I think I may have to create a page that is just works in progress, that I can start crossing things off. Let's see if that happens :)

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kaleidoscope Quilt - finally finished

I am so excited to share my first finish of the year. I finally finished my Kaleidoscope Quilt Along Quilt.

Kaleidoscope Quilt

I had planned on finishing this last summer during the Quilt Along, but that just didn't happen. This quilt was a little above my skill level. Many of you encouraged me to go on, and told me I would be very happy with it when I finished. I have to admit, you were right. Thanks for the all the kind words of encouragement, it helped me finish this quilt.

Kaleidoscope Quilt

This quilt is making me very happy. The quilting made this quilt for me. The piecing drove me crazy, but after taking it out of the dryer I am happy with the way the quilting turned out.

It is smaller than it was supposed to be. One block was not salvageable and I was too frustrated to make another. I think it gives it character. It is just a little too small for my Suzie girl. She is becoming a big German Shepherd Dog.


She is also being a defiant teenager who is angry with me for giving her a command. Just look at those eyes, they say "how dare you tell me what to do."

I think the back is super cute to. I did some random piecing with left over fabric.

gramps quilt finished july 2012

Quilt Stats:
Name: Kaleidoscope Quilt 
Size: 34" x 34" 
Fabrics: Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree co.
Quilting: Free Motion Quilted with and up and down stippling  pattern
Completed: January 2012

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Ugh, still sick over here. This cold/flu is just not wanting to leave me. It is a bad one that is spreading though my classroom like a wildfire. Each day I have a couple kids telling me that they feel sick and having to go home. That is one of the not so fun things about being a teacher, you are exposed to little petri dishes, i mean kids who like to share everything including their germs.

So not much progress going on. I did quilt my kaleidoscopic quilt

Kaleidoscope Quilt Along

and have the binding is done, but I left off because I felt too sick.

Working on Binding

so it still sits right where I left it, when I started feeling sick. I also thought about trying something I could do on the couch, but I just feel asleep.

As for my work in progress totals did you see my post of all the projects I have siting around here, either started or ready to go. If not let me fill you in I had to do two post as I forgot about some of my projects. All together I have of 29 things waiting for me.

Somehow, I need to figure out away to tackle all these. So this week I am not starting with a total count. I will figure it out when I am not sick.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Projects 2012 continued

So I went to find all those additional projects that I forgot to get pictures of yesterday. I actually only have three more to add, not five. I decided that  two of the projects that I have all the stuff for I am not sure I even what to do those quilts anymore.So those two don't meet my criteria of having all the stuff and every intention of making the project.

So here we go. This is an old picture, but it is still where this project is.

#25 Prarie Claw - Need to piece, bind and quilt.

praire claw-5.jpg

#26 Sweet Fandango (all set to go)

Sweet Fandango

#27 Swoon for Neptune (yep, I am breaking into my Neptune stash)

Swoon for Neptune

I had hoped to finish the binding on my quilt tonight, but I have caught this horrible flu/cold type thing that is spreading like wildfire through my classroom. I am too stuffy, too sneezey, and too foggy to be machine binding anything. However, I did get half way through and it is looking pretty good. 

Working on Binding

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