Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am finally getting back into the swing of things after that evil cold/flu I had. I am still not feeling 100% yet. I say yet, as it has only been 12 days since I first started feeling bad. I really don't like the fact that I haven't been feeling well for that long, but I am happy that I am on the mend.

Completed Projects:
I am so excited to have my first completed project of the year. I finished my Kaleidoscope Quilt. I am very happy with the way it turned out. Find out more details here.

Suzie on the Quilt

In Progress:
I am very ashamed to say that my modern 4x5 bee blocks did not go in the mail yesterday. I am hoping that I will not be shunned too bad, as I did let my hive know as soon as I realized I was too sick to quilt.


I have two left to go. Everything is cut out, I just need time to sit down and sew. That means I need not have another 12 hour day. Too bad to day was one of those 12 hour days, or I would have finish today. I also am surprised at how much the secondary pattern really came out in the blocks. If I would have know that I would have changed the one in the bottom right corner so the green showed up as the secondary pattern. I also am not to terribly happy about the red/white/blue one. I think it looks great but the traditional colors made the block look pretty traditional, but I do think it is the one that pops the most.

No Progress:
Didn't do anything with the other 20+ projects I have. On last weeks work in progress post I had said I that needed to figure out some way to count them off. Well, I think I may have to create a page that is just works in progress, that I can start crossing things off. Let's see if that happens :)

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  1. oooo. I like the Kaleidoscope quilt! very cute, and looks like it's already been claimed!!

  2. Great job with your Kaleidoscope quilt! The fabrics look wonderful. I hear you about the list of ongoing projects. I'd like to move mine off my WIP posts, but then I think I'd forget them. The guilt of seeing them every week is helping me finish them...slowly but surely. :) Good luck!


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