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Projects 2012

This morning I had every intention of finishing my Kaleidoscopic Quilt Along Quilt. All I had to was put on the binding, but I just couldn't. My sewing room was too messy. I just couldn't work in the space. Plus, I have been saying I was going to take pictures of all my projects, when I was home when the sun was up, and do a post about them. After collecting my projects and taking pictures of most of them. I say most because I just realized I have three, wait, four more hidden that I should add to this growing list.

My criteria for my project list for 2012 is simple. I have all/most of the supplies for the project. I have every intention of making the project.

Do I think I will finish all of them in 2012? Probably not. Do I hope to make some progress? I really hope so.

Lets just start at the top. I will make the photo smaller than normal. Maybe that way it won't take a year and a half to go through these.

#1 Kaleidoscopic Quilt Along Quilt (binding only)
Kaleidoscope Quilt Along
#2 Simple Table Runner for Sew Katie Jean (supplies ready to go)

table runner

#3 Carnival Shop Sample for Sew Katie Jean (supplies ready to go)

shop sample

#4 Embroidery 101 Quilt Along (3 done, 1 in progress, 5 to go, piece, quilt, bind)

emboridery 101

#5 Kona Challenge (make more wonky stars and 9 patches, quilt, bind)

Kona Challenge

#6 Hexagon Christmas Table Runner (applique hexagons and leaves, quilt, bind)

Christmas Hexigon Runner

#7 Geese in the park (piece, quilt, bind)

geese in the park

#8 Bliss Schnibbles (supplies ready to go)

ruby schibbles

#9 Ladybug (supplies ready to go)

lady bug

#10 Fig Tree + South Hampton (supplies ready to go)

fig tree + souch hampton

#11 Pop Garden Quilt (supplies ready to go)

Pop Garden Quil

#12 Orange and Tangerine Modified Bento Box (couple more blocks, cut, piece, quilt, bind)

Aqua and Tangerine Modified Bento

#13 Hexi flower Kaffe Fassett Quilt (supplies ready to go)

Hexi flower Kaffe Fassett

Small Projects that just need a couple things. I put them in a small bag. Hopefully, I will grab it when I had a couple minutes to sew.

#14-Laptop bag fix. I want to change the pocket.
#15 Ruby pillow - stitch where it popped open (dog)
#16 Two napkins from 2010 (hem)
#17 Make up pouch (seams and zipper)
small projects

Now on to the box of forgotten projects.

Projects 2012

This is what was inside there: 

A whole bunch of projects

Ok so I already pulled out #5 Kona, # 16 the two napkins, and  #17 makeup bag
So what is left is
#18 charity block
#19 Halloween wall hanging
#20 Easter Quilt
#21 Scappy Bear
#22 Loves Road
#23 bag 1
#24 bag 2

There were also some random blocks but as I don't intend on finishing those, they don't count. 

So my next post will either be the finished Kaleidoscopic Quilt or the other four, oh wait, I am sorry five projects I didn't remember to take pictures of. Wow that puts me at almost 30. Now, I know and understand that some people would say that they don't consider it an unfinished project until they cut into it.
However, some of my goals this year are to be more organized and follow a budget. So that means I have to be honest with myself and complete the things I intended to. Oh yeah and not keep buying projects when I have a whole bunch of them to do.

Not to say I won't start anything other than these projects. I am pretty sure I will be using my stash this year and adding to it. I just want to make sure I work on these too.

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