Saturday, January 7, 2012

Been quilting

I know. Crazy right! Me actually quilting something. I have been having such bad free motion quilting issues recently that, to tell you the truth, I have been kind of avoiding siting down and trying. However, tonight I gave it a go and actually quilted two small quilt tops.

The first one I finished quilting my kaleidoscope QAL quilt. Now I just have to bind it and it will be done.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Along

My quilting inspiration came from free motion quilting project blog she was showing the basics of free motion stippling. Leah started with a simple up and down curve. I thought it would look cool as an all over design; which it does. For once I not disappointed with the way it turned out. The back looks great and the design is really cute. To really see it you have to wait until daylight, for the binding to be put on, and for a quick spin in the wash/dryer.

Since my quilting mojo seems to be back, I went ahead and did a loop-dee-loo pattern on my mother-in-laws first quilt. It turned out super cute too.

Debbie's First Quilt

The back of this quilt is my best yet with loop-dee-loos. No eye lashes. I have to admit, I have been trying something that is often frown upon, but more people seem to be trying. Ready for it. Free motion quilting with my feed dogs engaged. I know, the blasphemy. But it is working for me and my machine isn't freezing up on me and I haven't snapped a thread since I started trying this.

My timing on my machine just seems to be off when the feed dogs aren't up. The feed dogs aren't really being used to move my fabric though. This is because I am using a silicone pad, supreme slider, so my free motioning slides around so lovely and the feed dogs never touch the back. Follow the link to see a video explaining how the supreme slider works. Leah,same person where I got the other quilting idea from, also has a good article on using your machine with your feed dogs up, it is actually were I got the idea a few months ago. Once I tried this, I tried going back to feed dogs dropped, but I went to being just as unhappy with free motion quilting as before I tried feed dogs engaged. So if it works I am sticking with it. I am not saying it will work for everyone, or that it good for your machine, I just know it seems to help my machines timing. 

Well off to bed. It is very important for me to get my rest if I plan on machine binding (my other quilting nemesis) tomorrow and maybe even an other table runner finished.


  1. we were just talking about this quilting with the feed dogs up idea at my group the other day! I still kind of don't get it (i.e. if the feed dogs aren't touching the fabric, then why would it make any difference?)... perhaps it's just what you're used :) oh, plus, my machine won't let me free motion with the dogs up! :)

    I love the loopy pattern! Mine are always much sharper (i.e. not nice round loops) siiigh.. more practice!

  2. Both of my machines will fmq with the feeddogs in either position. Sometimes its the fabric that needs that extra push from the feeddogs. I prefer them to be down but don't know how many times I forgot to drop them and the quilt turned out just fine. If it's not broke then don't fix it.... ;)


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