Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Wrap up

This month was both a completely productive and completely unproductive month. I mean I finished a huge quilt, some bee blocks, a couple charity blocks and started working again on a quilt that was supposed to be a quick finish project.

July Wrapup

However, on the other hand, I spent a lot of time avoiding my sewing room. I just wasn't feeling the whole being creative thing. Luckily, I have seem to find that happy medium again. Lets just hope it last with the whole beginning of the new school year happening next week and of course that means me teaching again.

Acck, no! Summer can't be over yet! It is not fair!I don't want to go back to school.... :) too bad I was already in there today moving my stuff all around.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feeling Creative Again

It has been a while since I have felt creative. I had just kind of been avoiding my sewing room. Finding other things that seemed more important to do at the time. Which also means I haven't really been writing on here very much. However, I think I may have that creative bug back again.

Working on a long over due project #quilting #PhotoToaster

I have been working on my Geese in the Park Quilt and it has been making me very happy. It is a moda bake shop pattern, so it is done with pre-cuts. Which meant there was some cutting to do, which I think is just funny to think about when you are using a pre-cut :)

Done with another step #phototoaster

And then sewing.

#quilting again #PhotoToaster

And more cutting...

Making progress #quilting #PhotoToaster

So that is kinda what I have been up to the last couple days. And what I am about to go do now. That is after breakfast :)

Also, I realized that although I feel like I haven't been very creative this year, I really have. By looking at my completed quilt page I figured out I have done almost many larger quilts as I did last year and the year isn't even close to over.

Completed quilts by July 2012

I just don't think I have been sharing the process as much. Maybe that is what I have been missing sharing the progress. I have been trying to post things on instagram (jenniffier if you are interested in following). However, I haven't been too good at the either. Like always, I am better at it some days than others.

Oh well, at least it is good to know that I haven't really been slacking that much. 5 completed projects in 7 months really isn't that bad.
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Friday, July 27, 2012


life rearranged

It has been a bit since I have written one of these. Mostly because my phone sucks... Oh did I say that out loud. 

Well it does! I freezes, drops calls, let's me answer calls but no one can hear me, makes calls but then it doesn't ring and has no sound and people think I am pocket dialing them, and it takes pictures about 20 percent of the time. Mine phone isn't even that old (ok maybe two years), but it is supposed to be a smart phone. 

I really want a new one, but both mine and the husband's car had to go into the shop. Mine for brakes, his for an e-vap problems that has made his check engine light be on forever, but it was time for a smog check so it had to be done. It turns out is was a tiny little leak that was nearly impossible to find and left me without a car for 3 days, since I am on break and he had to go to work. Which left me plenty of time to do random things around my house and no funds for new phones. So I guess it is time to try the factory reset and hope that they can last for a while longer. 

Speaking of time around the house. I did a bunch of cleaning. 

I cleaned out under all my cabinets in the kitchen. I cleaned up my pantry. I cleaned up my sewing/craftroom, which I really need to figure out a better way of organizing it, but that goes back to the no funds issue. 

I also finished a whole bunch of quilt blocks that were supposed to be done a long time ago for other people. 

But out of all of this, I think the most interesting thing has been the weather. I woke up to this on Monday morning.

Huge rain drops is not something we normally see in nor cal in the middle of July. The night before this Randall woke me up to tell me that there was a thunder and lighting storm. Mostly lighting for us, very little rumbling.

The best part about this little storm, was the fact that it broke the 100+ weather we were having. Now the weather has been in the 90s, but 90s are much better than 100s. 
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

First off let me start by saying being trapped at home for 3 days without a car is slightly maddening. You would think I would have just quilted the whole time, but no instead I actually organized at bit. Let see, I organized almost all the cabinets in the kitchen, the pantry, and most of my craft/sewing room.

I did do a bit of sewing this today though.  I finished my two bee blocks that I am really late on. They will go out in the mail tomorrow. 


I had the hardest time with the second one. My bee partner asked for rainbow. I don't think I am a rainbow type of gal. I tried patterns that were predominantly  RQYGBV, that made me very sad. Then I just went with the solids. I really hope it was what she was looking for. I did the best that I could.


Hmm, I have one more project for someone else and then I can work on my own stuff. Maybe having all the projects done for other people will make me feel like being creative again. I think I was to the point that I was avoiding/not making time for quilting/creating because I felt guilty if I didn't work on the stuff for others, but I really didn't feel like working on those projects, so I just didn't do anything.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Five reasons why...

I love about summer vacation

  1. Walking up without an alarm clock 
  2. Taking my time getting ready for the day
  3. Reading a book all day
  4. There is no time limit on anything
  5. There are so many things to be done around here
I would make a horrible stay at home person
  1. Wake up, but why the pillow is so comfy?
  2. Over hour has passed and I am still not ready, I mean I don't have anywhere to go so that extra long bath isn't a big deal.
  3. What it is 5pm already and my husband is getting home... darn book sucked me in, again!
  4. Hmm I can do this later, it doesn't have to be finished now. I will do this instead... oh wait about this. 
  5. Oh my gosh, get me out of this house I have been stuck inside for 2 days. 
Yep, summer vacation has its pluses. However, having a slightly ADHD personality doesn't help you get anything done. Especially when you have the tendency of a raccoon to get distracted by shiny objects/tasks. 

Too bad summer vacation is almost over for me. At least I might start to accomplish things again. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Working during the summer

This year I have done a lot of working during the summer. Luckily most of it has been super fun, mostly because I am the one teaching the professional development. I love to teach and one thing about being a teacher that is kinda ironic is the fact that teachers make the worst students. So teaching professional development is just like teaching a whole bunch of naughty students.

Last week I taught SMART Camp for intermediate to advanced users and although there are a bunch of talking/highly distracted students, they all wanted to be there and seemed to all have a lot of fun learning all the new tips and tricks to smart notebook 11 and mastering their skills at creating lessons using smart notebook software.

However, that didn't leave much time for being creative. Although, I am kinda in a creative rut anyways. I made Gramp's quilt and I did that table runner, but I just haven't been feeling the creativity bug since. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of organization around this place. I mean my house is clean until you open a cabinet or a drawer.


My pantry is just one of many examples. As we were prepping and doing Gramp's party we kind of did the shove method of organization. That included shoving stuff into my sewing room. Which again means I have to clean it before I can create anything. So I guess that means next week is a week of cleaning for me. Which is good because it is the last real week I have off before I start back to work again. I technically don't start until the August 7th, but I have meetings and other appointments the week before that.

One really fun thing that happened this week though. I had my first real sized harvest from are garden.

1st big harvest

We made two batches of salsa from the tomatoes and the jalapenos. However, someone may have eaten both batches before I even thought about getting a picture of it.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Quilt For Gramps

I recently completed my largest quilt yet and it was for a very special man.


I made this quilt for Randall's Grandfather, commonly and lovingly referred to as Gramps. Gramps is a very kind, loving, helpful and caring man, who just turned 80 years old.

Gramps 80th b-day
My husband, Gramps, and me. Excuse the messy hair but I did just cook a dinner for almost 20 people. 

Gramps has always treated me like one of his grand-kids. Both of my grand fathers had passed away long before I had entered this world and the only grandmother I was luck enough to know passed away when I was in first grade. So to have anyone one treat me in such a way has a very special place in my heart.

Last time I went down to Randall's parents house, Gramps had recently moved in with them, and Randall's Mom asked me to bring down my quilting stuff. So while everyone was at work, I worked on my quilting with Gramps watching the whole process. He was very impressed and as I walked by his bare room I had an idea. I wanted to make him a quilt.

Well, the stars all aligned when Randall's parents asked us to host his 80th b-day surprise party. He thought he was going to a small BBQ get together. Instead we had his closest friends and some of his family (mostly grand kids) over. We made him prime rib, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, balsamic glazed green beans and ceasar salad. Along with some yummy appetizers. Normally I would have pictures, but since I forgot to put anyone on that detail and I am normally the picture taker and the other picture (Randall's mom) has hurt her leg, so there are very few pictures of this event.

After all the yummy food it was present time. We read him his cards and handed him his gifts and got a whole lot of you shouldn't of and ohs and thank you. Then it was my turn. I brought over the quilt and told it I made it for him and that it was for his bed. He just sat there shocked. We held it up for him and everyone else to see. (the picture did not turn out, it was on the wrong setting)

Quilt for gramps

Everyone loved it. They thought it was so neat. I went and gave Gramps and hug and a kiss on the cheek and he told me he really liked it and still sat there in shock. I actually made the man, that has words/stories for everything, speechless. He was shocked that I made it so quickly and how lovely it was and that I would do something like that for him.

I finally got some pictures of the quilt when we went down to Randall's parents this past week. Gramps wanted it on his bed, but since Randall's Mom is hurt it had to wait for me to get down there to make it for him. I think it really gives the room a bit more personality then a white down comforter.

Gramps Quilt in his room

Plus it just makes me so happy to have made something so special for Gramps.

gramps quilt finished july 2012

Quilt Stats:
Name: A Quilt for Gramps
Size: 79" x 86"
Fabrics:  Front: Denyse Schmidt flee market fancy - reprint, Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley, Tula Pink Neptune, Kona Charcoal and another Kona solid. Back -  DS Quilts, Aunt Edna. 
BindingKona (not sure what one)
Pattern: Choppy Waters from Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts
Quilting: Stitch in the ditch for each row
Completed: July 2012

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work in progress Wednesday

I have a very busy week finishing up some quilting tasks. The first really big and super important task was finishing up the quilt for my husband's grandfather.


Gramps has always treated me like one of his grand kids and I really wanted to make him a quilt. So since Randall's parents asked us to host the party for gramps 80th b-day I made him a quilt that just make him a very happy person. His reaction was something I will never forget and made it all worth it. I will share more tomorrow.

I also complete this cute little table runner.


I made it as part of a tutorial series for building blocks with friends on a girl in paradise blog. It is a series of post feature bloggers who design a modern block tutorial to share with everyone. Take a moment to check it out, I promise that even though it looks like lots of little pieces, that I came up with a really fun way to do it with out sewing lots of 1.5 inch pieces together.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Building Blocks with Friends

Ackk, this is so late but I am guesting at A Girl in Paradise. She is hosting a really fun series.

A Girl in Paradsie

It is a series promoting modern quilting and quilting bloggers. Each post teaches you how to make a block and shares a project with you.

Today I posted a tutorial on a Modern "String" Log Cabin.


It is a two for one block tutorial. I know that looks like a lot of little pieces, but before you run away, you all know me and there is no way I am going to sew all those little pieces together. Instead I came up with a way to strip piece it. Go check it out over at A Girl in Paradise.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Really Late Work In Progress/update on me post

Oh my gosh, you would think that it being summer I wouldn't be super busy. However, I am so busy it is just crazy. If you haven't noticed it has been quite around here. I really haven't been online much but on my iPad which means I haven't been reading blogs, comment on blogs, or working on my blog. I mean for goodness sake I have 1993 unread google reader items right now.

There are three reasons for this...

#1 my wireless internet thingy on my computer died.

# 2 I started couch to 5K a couple weeks ago and it takes a good hour of my day even though it is only a 30 minute workout. I have been going with the dogs, we are tried when we get home, but we are starting to see results :)

#3 I have been quilting. Yep shocking I know. I decided to make Randall's (the husband) grandfather a quilt for his 80th b-day, which we are celebrating on Saturday, with a family get together and a very special dinner cooked by Randall and me.

 However, that means I have been very busy in my little sewing room.

Quilting Gramps Quilt

I finished the quilting Tuesday night. Trimmed it up yesterday and I am putting on the binding now. I just took a break for lunch and to figure out how to use my favorite tool for binding, the binding tool, which I always have to re-watch the Missouri Star Quilt co. youtube video when I use it. It is so tricky to remember, but so simple and really does make the binding match up perfectly.

Oh yeah and one more update, my garden is doing very well. We ate our first zucchinis and cucumbers this last week. I will share soon about what is coming in now.

Ok...Ok...back to sewing, I will catch up with this whole blogging thing (including reading/ commenting the ones I am very behind on) as soon as the whole gramps' b-day quilt and party are over with.

At least I will have an excuse for watching movies/tv instead of cleaning. I mean the binding isn't going to stitch itself down.

Have Fun!
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