Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Five reasons why...

I love about summer vacation

  1. Walking up without an alarm clock 
  2. Taking my time getting ready for the day
  3. Reading a book all day
  4. There is no time limit on anything
  5. There are so many things to be done around here
I would make a horrible stay at home person
  1. Wake up, but why the pillow is so comfy?
  2. Over hour has passed and I am still not ready, I mean I don't have anywhere to go so that extra long bath isn't a big deal.
  3. What it is 5pm already and my husband is getting home... darn book sucked me in, again!
  4. Hmm I can do this later, it doesn't have to be finished now. I will do this instead... oh wait about this. 
  5. Oh my gosh, get me out of this house I have been stuck inside for 2 days. 
Yep, summer vacation has its pluses. However, having a slightly ADHD personality doesn't help you get anything done. Especially when you have the tendency of a raccoon to get distracted by shiny objects/tasks. 

Too bad summer vacation is almost over for me. At least I might start to accomplish things again. 

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