Sunday, July 22, 2012

Working during the summer

This year I have done a lot of working during the summer. Luckily most of it has been super fun, mostly because I am the one teaching the professional development. I love to teach and one thing about being a teacher that is kinda ironic is the fact that teachers make the worst students. So teaching professional development is just like teaching a whole bunch of naughty students.

Last week I taught SMART Camp for intermediate to advanced users and although there are a bunch of talking/highly distracted students, they all wanted to be there and seemed to all have a lot of fun learning all the new tips and tricks to smart notebook 11 and mastering their skills at creating lessons using smart notebook software.

However, that didn't leave much time for being creative. Although, I am kinda in a creative rut anyways. I made Gramp's quilt and I did that table runner, but I just haven't been feeling the creativity bug since. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of organization around this place. I mean my house is clean until you open a cabinet or a drawer.


My pantry is just one of many examples. As we were prepping and doing Gramp's party we kind of did the shove method of organization. That included shoving stuff into my sewing room. Which again means I have to clean it before I can create anything. So I guess that means next week is a week of cleaning for me. Which is good because it is the last real week I have off before I start back to work again. I technically don't start until the August 7th, but I have meetings and other appointments the week before that.

One really fun thing that happened this week though. I had my first real sized harvest from are garden.

1st big harvest

We made two batches of salsa from the tomatoes and the jalapenos. However, someone may have eaten both batches before I even thought about getting a picture of it.

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