Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Quilt For Gramps

I recently completed my largest quilt yet and it was for a very special man.


I made this quilt for Randall's Grandfather, commonly and lovingly referred to as Gramps. Gramps is a very kind, loving, helpful and caring man, who just turned 80 years old.

Gramps 80th b-day
My husband, Gramps, and me. Excuse the messy hair but I did just cook a dinner for almost 20 people. 

Gramps has always treated me like one of his grand-kids. Both of my grand fathers had passed away long before I had entered this world and the only grandmother I was luck enough to know passed away when I was in first grade. So to have anyone one treat me in such a way has a very special place in my heart.

Last time I went down to Randall's parents house, Gramps had recently moved in with them, and Randall's Mom asked me to bring down my quilting stuff. So while everyone was at work, I worked on my quilting with Gramps watching the whole process. He was very impressed and as I walked by his bare room I had an idea. I wanted to make him a quilt.

Well, the stars all aligned when Randall's parents asked us to host his 80th b-day surprise party. He thought he was going to a small BBQ get together. Instead we had his closest friends and some of his family (mostly grand kids) over. We made him prime rib, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, balsamic glazed green beans and ceasar salad. Along with some yummy appetizers. Normally I would have pictures, but since I forgot to put anyone on that detail and I am normally the picture taker and the other picture (Randall's mom) has hurt her leg, so there are very few pictures of this event.

After all the yummy food it was present time. We read him his cards and handed him his gifts and got a whole lot of you shouldn't of and ohs and thank you. Then it was my turn. I brought over the quilt and told it I made it for him and that it was for his bed. He just sat there shocked. We held it up for him and everyone else to see. (the picture did not turn out, it was on the wrong setting)

Quilt for gramps

Everyone loved it. They thought it was so neat. I went and gave Gramps and hug and a kiss on the cheek and he told me he really liked it and still sat there in shock. I actually made the man, that has words/stories for everything, speechless. He was shocked that I made it so quickly and how lovely it was and that I would do something like that for him.

I finally got some pictures of the quilt when we went down to Randall's parents this past week. Gramps wanted it on his bed, but since Randall's Mom is hurt it had to wait for me to get down there to make it for him. I think it really gives the room a bit more personality then a white down comforter.

Gramps Quilt in his room

Plus it just makes me so happy to have made something so special for Gramps.

gramps quilt finished july 2012

Quilt Stats:
Name: A Quilt for Gramps
Size: 79" x 86"
Fabrics:  Front: Denyse Schmidt flee market fancy - reprint, Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley, Tula Pink Neptune, Kona Charcoal and another Kona solid. Back -  DS Quilts, Aunt Edna. 
BindingKona (not sure what one)
Pattern: Choppy Waters from Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts
Quilting: Stitch in the ditch for each row
Completed: July 2012

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  1. And THAT is why we quilt! What a lovely quilt that became a treasure instantly!


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