Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feeling Creative Again

It has been a while since I have felt creative. I had just kind of been avoiding my sewing room. Finding other things that seemed more important to do at the time. Which also means I haven't really been writing on here very much. However, I think I may have that creative bug back again.

Working on a long over due project #quilting #PhotoToaster

I have been working on my Geese in the Park Quilt and it has been making me very happy. It is a moda bake shop pattern, so it is done with pre-cuts. Which meant there was some cutting to do, which I think is just funny to think about when you are using a pre-cut :)

Done with another step #phototoaster

And then sewing.

#quilting again #PhotoToaster

And more cutting...

Making progress #quilting #PhotoToaster

So that is kinda what I have been up to the last couple days. And what I am about to go do now. That is after breakfast :)

Also, I realized that although I feel like I haven't been very creative this year, I really have. By looking at my completed quilt page I figured out I have done almost many larger quilts as I did last year and the year isn't even close to over.

Completed quilts by July 2012

I just don't think I have been sharing the process as much. Maybe that is what I have been missing sharing the progress. I have been trying to post things on instagram (jenniffier if you are interested in following). However, I haven't been too good at the either. Like always, I am better at it some days than others.

Oh well, at least it is good to know that I haven't really been slacking that much. 5 completed projects in 7 months really isn't that bad.
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  1. So glad to hear that you're getting your creative self back, Jenn. Yes, five completed projects in seven months is great. Keep up the momentum.


    1. Thanks Debbie! You are always so supportive... I have been pressing and now I am moving on to pinning. Soon all my flying geese should be done :)


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