Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

First off let me start by saying being trapped at home for 3 days without a car is slightly maddening. You would think I would have just quilted the whole time, but no instead I actually organized at bit. Let see, I organized almost all the cabinets in the kitchen, the pantry, and most of my craft/sewing room.

I did do a bit of sewing this today though.  I finished my two bee blocks that I am really late on. They will go out in the mail tomorrow. 


I had the hardest time with the second one. My bee partner asked for rainbow. I don't think I am a rainbow type of gal. I tried patterns that were predominantly  RQYGBV, that made me very sad. Then I just went with the solids. I really hope it was what she was looking for. I did the best that I could.


Hmm, I have one more project for someone else and then I can work on my own stuff. Maybe having all the projects done for other people will make me feel like being creative again. I think I was to the point that I was avoiding/not making time for quilting/creating because I felt guilty if I didn't work on the stuff for others, but I really didn't feel like working on those projects, so I just didn't do anything.
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