Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work in progress Wednesday

I actually have progress to share this week. This week I have turned this pile of fabric.

Into this little pile of fabric.

By sitching lots of rows together. Now I have gramps b-day quilt top almost finished.

Sorry for the not so good pictures and the somewhat short post. I got this error on my computer screen this morning


That malfunctioning USB device is my wireless Internet thingy. So no wireless on my big computer, which is where I put my pictures, so these pictures are from my iPod and the post is on my iPad. So not quite as quick or great as if I was on a regular computer.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday to ME! and Insta-Friday

If you haven't guessed yet it is my birthday. It was a pretty good day for a working day. I should have taken pictures of my sushi dinner for my b-day, but I forgot. However, I do have this yummy for tomorrow for my b-day party :)

Carvel ice cream cakes have a special place in my heart as we used to have a carvel ice cream store in the neighborhood I grew up in and almost every b-day I had a beautifully decorated ice cream cake from there. I hope this one (from the grocery store) is some what as good as I remember, but it makes me happy just to think that I am going to have one again.

The rest of the week was filled for me with gardening. We have lots of baby vegetables. Here are some cucumbers and a baby jalapeno.

And we had our first harvest of tomatoes, not much but at least it is a start.

It was also a very hot beginning of the week so we had Dogs+Water=Fun!

I also spent one day pampering myself. I spent a couple hours giving myself a pedicure and a manicure plus the drying time and the darn dog sat on my wet toes redo time. All of this only reminded me of why I prefer to pay people to do it for me.


Other than that I mostly spent my time cleaning, working out and wondering where the day went. 

Oh yeah and I found this!

It was right before bed. I really do clean my house and had just done the fans 2 weeks prior. However, this very busy spider left this very scary present for me. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work in progess

I actually have some quilting work in progress that I did this week.

Fabric cut for Gramps quilt.

Yep I cut super cute fabric. That is it, but hey at least it is a start. I am hoping to have this top done soon. It should be super quick, hopefully at least the top will be done by next Wednesday and maybe even some of the quilting. We will see. 
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Temporary Lapse in Will-Power

I told myself no more fabric purchases until I actually make a quilt with some of the fabrics I have.

Fabric and book

Hmm. How did that come home with me?

I have a good reason, really... I am going to make a quilt for my husband's grandpa for his 80th birthday and of course none of my fabrics were masculine enough and they were all way to bright for him.

See the excuses one can make when they stop by one little quilt shop after the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Could you have resisted those lovely denyse schmidt and that little pop of tula pink? I will be picking up a couple kona solids tomorrow to round it out a bit. The quilt is going to be modern and masculine with just a touch of softness. I can't wait to work on it.

Off  to go clean up my sewing room so I can cut the fabric and hopefully start working on it soon. I mean after all, his b-day is in July.

BTW, Can anyone suggest a 12 step program for the over indulgence in fabric buying and something to help with procrastination/slacking?
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Insta Friday

I am so excited to share my week with you. I really wish it was a week of crafting to share but instead it is a week of training. Training? You ask? Why yes I was at professional development trainings for most week...  I will tell you all about that in a minute. However, lets get right down to the

life rearranged

First things first, I attended my lovely sister-in-laws bridal shower. It was so nice to see her so happy on her special day. I hear there are lots of good pictures of this event I however have not been privileged to see them.

Some how I got put on both flower arranging duty and photographer. By the way I didn't mind either job they were both a lot of fun :) However, I think as the photographer of this event I should be able to see the pictures also. Too bad I wasn't using my own camera, I mean I didn't know when I left the house  that I would be chosen as the photographer, or I would have used my camera instead. 

Speaking of cameras, the camera on my phone (droid) is acting really odd. It isn't letting me take pictures. It says it is saving it, but then when I go to look at the pictures later it just says it just a media file with no image. Then I have to pop the battery and restart the whole darn thing, and then I can take pictures again. Which means half of the pictures that meant to post and share, just did not happen.

Well, anyhow, on to the training aspect of this week. I participate in 4 days of training/professional development. See that whole thing about teachers having summer off is a lie... a big fat lie. It turns out that we attend professional development and get ready for the next school year. Now I am not saying that we don't take a vacation at all, because of course we do, but to think that we sipping mai tai on the beach the whole time and not doing any work just because we aren't in the classroom with our students is just not true.

During these four days of professional development, I was the trainer for two of the days, and the other two days I was the trainee. I have to tell you, teachers are the worst students, myself included, and I like being the trainer better than the trainee.

Day 1 - School loop

I taught teachers how to build web pages and create/use the grade book function in the school loop program. It was a lot of fun and went pretty well. I was lucky enough to work with a great bunch of techex  teachers (teacher tech experts or so we are so nicely called), and of course the wonderful edtech department,  who work really hard to make sure that our schools have technology in the classroom along with making sure that teachers are trained to use the technology provided.

Day 2 and 3 - Treasures Training

This is where I sat and learned about our new Language Arts curriculum that our district adopted for K-6 grade teachers. It looks pretty good, but all the new materials are pretty overwhelming. Plus some of our teachers are worried about the way the district is asking us to do differentiated instruction instead of what they are used to doing with small groups. I have been attending many trainings on  California Treasures and I think I am on overload. Too bad I have another training on it later this summer.

Day 4 - 21st century: iLearn with iPods summer session

Yeah, back to me teaching the training. Myself and two other techex (teacher tech experts) help 18 teachers learn as much as we could teach them in one day about using an iPod touch in the classroom. We talked about setting them up, the benefits of using iPods, fluency, story telling, imovie, QR codes, socative (a free audience response program) and much more that I can't remember right this second. It was great bunch of teachers and our survey concluded that we did pretty well with the training. So that made me really happy.

I also stopped by the farmer's market this week, but as I said camera, on my phone, isn't working too well, and I took pictures only to find out after I had left that it didn't actually work.

So that was my week at a glance.

However, if you ask my husband I am leaving off the most important part about the week - the LA Kings won the Stanley cup! We are originally from LA and he has been a huge fan since he was a kid. So this is pretty special for him and therefore for it is special me too. It was very fun to see how excited and happy he was about this.

Here he is watching the final game! Of course Gus had to join him.

And here is the picture from when he went down to LA to attend the Rally, while I was attending/presenting professional development trainings.

He had a lot of fun and I am so happy for him, all the Kings fans, and of course the LA Kings for winning the Stanley Cup. Way to go LA KINGS!

 Few, I am just getting this done right before midnight, so I can truly still say that this is an Insta-Friday post :)
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Teaching @ Sew Katie Jean's

I just wanted to let you all know that I am teaching a class this Friday at Sew Katie Jean's in Lincoln, CA.


The pattern is Carnival by Jaybird Quilts. I will show you how to use the lazy angle ruler and teach you some tricks to make it a bit easier. This quilt is made from a 10 inch layer cake and a bit of yardage.

If you have been following along, I worked on this quilt for a while there.

In prgress

It is a super cute quilt that is a little tricky if you are trying to figure it out on your own. Because of this when I made the sample for Sew Katie Jean, I was asked by Katie (the owner of the shop) to help out her customers by teaching a class.

Carnival Quilt Finished

So if you are in the Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln or other surrounding areas come and join me if want/can :)

Carnival Class  @ Sew Katie Jean's in Lincoln, Ca 
Friday, June 15, 2012 
10:00 am - 3:00pm 
(916) 209-3930

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Camping in Big Sur

I thought I would take a moment to share some of my favorite pictures from camping in Big Sur, California.

Randall and I went there last week for our summer vacation trip. We did some very fun things like hiking, driving the coast, and going the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Oh course we camped too, but I didn't really get any pictures of that. Since I don't want to bore you all with the 49 pictures I posted on flickr, I am just going to share my very favorite. Even with my careful elimination this is still a very picture heavy post.

Let start with the beautiful coast.

Ocean view 2

I love the color of the ocean in this picture, I think there may be a paint project coming up with that color soon. 
Ocean view 2

Ocean view 2

Ocean view 2

Ocean view 2

Now on this part of the California coast there really aren't to many places to get down to the actual sand and ocean, but we did find one place at limekilm state park.

Ocean view 2

Now on to the hiking.

hiking in big sur

hiking in big sur

I am actually really proud of the next picture, as it is me at the top where the waterfall is. Now this hike isn't a very long one, but it is a very steep one. I am so happy that I made it!

hiking in big sur

Then we kept going up higher in the other direction and we made it to the valley view. 

hiking in big sur

By the way if you couldn't tell by the me being really proud of myself, I am not an outdoor person and I am not in the best shape right now. I am just happy that I could make that hike up the hill even if it is less than a mile up there. 

We also spent a day at the aquarium. This is one of my favorite places. I have been going here since I was a little girl and my brother was stationed at the defense language institute in Monterey (he was in the army). So the aquarium is always a must see stop for me when we go to the Monterey area. 

sea anemone

My favorite animal is a sea otter, so I always visit them for a long time. 

Sea otter

Then this time was extra fun because they have an exhibit called the jelly experience in addition to their regular jelly section of the aquarium. There were some really neat jellies there. 


Look at those ones glow!



And of course the regular jellies, this is one of my favorite shots of the trip. Again I just love the colors. 


Oh and the sea horse, you can't forget them.

tiny sea horse

He is so tiny. The next one is so fun an big especially in comparison to the little guy above. . 

sea horse

Believe it or not I even found a quilt at the aquarium. It was on loan and a charity item. All the animals are appliqued on. 

Quilt at monterey bay aqauarium

Here are my two favorite. 

Quilt at monterey bay aqauarium

quilt at monterey bay aqauarium

Hope you enjoyed my vacation experience. It was a lot of fun and a great adventure. If you want to see more pictures of each of these areas go visit my flickr page
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