Saturday, June 16, 2012

Temporary Lapse in Will-Power

I told myself no more fabric purchases until I actually make a quilt with some of the fabrics I have.

Fabric and book

Hmm. How did that come home with me?

I have a good reason, really... I am going to make a quilt for my husband's grandpa for his 80th birthday and of course none of my fabrics were masculine enough and they were all way to bright for him.

See the excuses one can make when they stop by one little quilt shop after the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Could you have resisted those lovely denyse schmidt and that little pop of tula pink? I will be picking up a couple kona solids tomorrow to round it out a bit. The quilt is going to be modern and masculine with just a touch of softness. I can't wait to work on it.

Off  to go clean up my sewing room so I can cut the fabric and hopefully start working on it soon. I mean after all, his b-day is in July.

BTW, Can anyone suggest a 12 step program for the over indulgence in fabric buying and something to help with procrastination/slacking?
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  1. Hi Jenn, haha - if you find a 12-step program to help with the fabric-buying impulse, sign me up too!!

  2. Obviously I am not the person to help you with the fabric buying thiug! Do we really want help? Is it genetic predisposition?
    I think Randall's Grandfather will really like the colors and be touched by you making him a quilt.

  3. Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.


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