Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday to ME! and Insta-Friday

If you haven't guessed yet it is my birthday. It was a pretty good day for a working day. I should have taken pictures of my sushi dinner for my b-day, but I forgot. However, I do have this yummy for tomorrow for my b-day party :)

Carvel ice cream cakes have a special place in my heart as we used to have a carvel ice cream store in the neighborhood I grew up in and almost every b-day I had a beautifully decorated ice cream cake from there. I hope this one (from the grocery store) is some what as good as I remember, but it makes me happy just to think that I am going to have one again.

The rest of the week was filled for me with gardening. We have lots of baby vegetables. Here are some cucumbers and a baby jalapeno.

And we had our first harvest of tomatoes, not much but at least it is a start.

It was also a very hot beginning of the week so we had Dogs+Water=Fun!

I also spent one day pampering myself. I spent a couple hours giving myself a pedicure and a manicure plus the drying time and the darn dog sat on my wet toes redo time. All of this only reminded me of why I prefer to pay people to do it for me.


Other than that I mostly spent my time cleaning, working out and wondering where the day went. 

Oh yeah and I found this!

It was right before bed. I really do clean my house and had just done the fans 2 weeks prior. However, this very busy spider left this very scary present for me. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! There were Caravel ice cream stores? Thought they were only sold in grocery stores. Sushi - yum. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! There were Caravel ice cream stores? Thought they were only sold in grocery stores. Sushi - yum. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Jenniffier! You shouldn't feel badly about your little friend spider at all, because it isn't actually where it should be. ;) Your spider is actually an outdoor orb weaver spider who probably got trapped inside somehow. They actually can't live for very long inside a house (unlike indoor spiders) because they aren't adapted to the low moisture levels. And that's everything you never wanted to know about spiders! lol!

  4. Happy birthday!! So how was the cake? We have them at our stores and I've never tried one. Yuck on the spiderweb. We have so many at our house, I'm constantly cleaning webs. :( just remember, spiders eat yucky bugs like Mosquitos!

  5. Wishing you a happy happy birthday!! Hope your trip around the sun this year is a blast!


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