Sunday, June 3, 2012

Parting gift recieved

So I was going to start participating in the whole Insta - Friday thing.

life rearranged

It sounds super fun. I have seen it for a long time and I have been super jealous about not being able to participate.   Now that android has instagram I was going to be all over it.


That so did not happen. Instead my students gave me the ultimate parting gift this year. As I told you on Wednesday I am changing positions at my school next year. I will no longer be a classroom teacher instead I will be a Student Learning Coach, which means I won't have my own room.

An important detail is that in the 9 years I have been teaching I have never received an end of year gift and certainly not this one.

This year for the last day of school I got pink eye. Yep pink eye. Never in my life have I ever had to suffer though that, but as my last day in the classroom for a bit, I get his lovely present. Luckily for you all, I did not take a picture of that.

I also didn't get to spend the last day with my kidos, which still makes me sad. I did go in and say good bye, celebrate some kids with awards like principal's award and honor roll and give a general congrats to everyone since almost everyone got an award and they did an awesome job this year, and gave all of them a big air hug on my way out. I shouldn't of even been there, but I took all precautions (didn't touch anything, doused myself in antibacterial hand stuff). I mean how horrible would it be to not get to say good bye to your teacher. I feel horrible I didn't get to spend the last day with them, but I know it was for their own good and mine.

Well, today is the first day that my eyes have felt good enough to even really look at a computer screen. So if you made any comments since Wednesday. I am sorry that I was unable to respond.

On to my first week of summer vacation... and fun week I have planned :)
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