Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still not making progress

Sigh... I keep hoping to make some progress... any would be nice.

I really need to work on my sister in laws wedding quilt. I really do not have that much time before I need to give her the blocks. Yet, yesterday all I accomplished was this.

2013-04-24 07.23.25
Sorry for the fuzzy picture it looked great on my phone this morning
Yep... not I wasn't even able to cut out all the pieces from the strip to finish the block and now I have to cut a new strip because I made a cutting mistake. Oh's wells.

There is another problem in my sewing room too.

2013-04-24 07.23.34

The cleaning fairy really needs to come and visit. While she is at it she can visit the rest of my house too.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not much progress

Don't know if you may have noticed or not.... but it has been very quiet around here. I have not been feeling well and I am still not sure why. I figured it was my kidneys acting up again, but they test don't look like it, so I am being sent to a gastroenterologists. I see that doctor next Monday. Hopefully he can help me solve my issues.

Anyhow, since I am in an oh woe is me mood and I have been in a lot of pain not much quilting/sewing/anything including laundry has gotten done around here. Thank goodness for my darling husband and him making sure I get fed on a regular basis or even that may not have happened.

I did just finish a really late block for one of my bees. It was the March block for Make it Modern.

x plus block for make it modern

Although my not feeling well had a lot to do with not finishing on time, it also helps if you cut the pieces to the right size.

Quilt in progress

I also finished the top to my timber and leaf quilt. I have the backing, the batting and binding ready to go. Now I just need to feel well enough to put it all together and quilt it.

Ok back to the couch with a ice and then a heating pad for me. I hope this back, flank and tummy pains leave me soon.
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