Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still not making progress

Sigh... I keep hoping to make some progress... any would be nice.

I really need to work on my sister in laws wedding quilt. I really do not have that much time before I need to give her the blocks. Yet, yesterday all I accomplished was this.

2013-04-24 07.23.25
Sorry for the fuzzy picture it looked great on my phone this morning
Yep... not I wasn't even able to cut out all the pieces from the strip to finish the block and now I have to cut a new strip because I made a cutting mistake. Oh's wells.

There is another problem in my sewing room too.

2013-04-24 07.23.34

The cleaning fairy really needs to come and visit. While she is at it she can visit the rest of my house too.

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  1. I don't understand, what is wrong with your sewing room?
    Hope you manage to get some more work on your sister in laws quilt!

  2. Hope you find some energy for it all soon :-)

  3. Send that fairy my way. If you want any help I could do a little for you

  4. I am trying to stay organized as I sew. I'm not a good person to work in clutter so it is very important for me to keep it clean. Sometimes I just have to stop and clean, then hit it again!

  5. Can you send that fairy to my house when she's done at yours??? o:)


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