Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Really Late Work In Progress/update on me post

Oh my gosh, you would think that it being summer I wouldn't be super busy. However, I am so busy it is just crazy. If you haven't noticed it has been quite around here. I really haven't been online much but on my iPad which means I haven't been reading blogs, comment on blogs, or working on my blog. I mean for goodness sake I have 1993 unread google reader items right now.

There are three reasons for this...

#1 my wireless internet thingy on my computer died.

# 2 I started couch to 5K a couple weeks ago and it takes a good hour of my day even though it is only a 30 minute workout. I have been going with the dogs, we are tried when we get home, but we are starting to see results :)

#3 I have been quilting. Yep shocking I know. I decided to make Randall's (the husband) grandfather a quilt for his 80th b-day, which we are celebrating on Saturday, with a family get together and a very special dinner cooked by Randall and me.

 However, that means I have been very busy in my little sewing room.

Quilting Gramps Quilt

I finished the quilting Tuesday night. Trimmed it up yesterday and I am putting on the binding now. I just took a break for lunch and to figure out how to use my favorite tool for binding, the binding tool, which I always have to re-watch the Missouri Star Quilt co. youtube video when I use it. It is so tricky to remember, but so simple and really does make the binding match up perfectly.

Oh yeah and one more update, my garden is doing very well. We ate our first zucchinis and cucumbers this last week. I will share soon about what is coming in now.

Ok...Ok...back to sewing, I will catch up with this whole blogging thing (including reading/ commenting the ones I am very behind on) as soon as the whole gramps' b-day quilt and party are over with.

At least I will have an excuse for watching movies/tv instead of cleaning. I mean the binding isn't going to stitch itself down.

Have Fun!
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  1. Sounds like you are having a good summer! Kudos to you for doing the couch to 5k! I tried it once and need to do it again. Good luck getting the web thingy fixed. And I'm excited to see what you are quilting!

  2. First thing - send all of those unread blogposts to the read bucket and move on. I myself get so overwhelmed looking at that number as it grows and grows...when I know there is no way to catch up.
    Yea for your Couch to 5K, quilting the Grandfather-n-law quilt and your veggies!
    Good luck with the binding. :)

  3. I agree with Susan, forget trying to catch up on the blogs. I started the couch to 5K last year and really enjoyed it until other issues came up. It made me feel so good to go a little further each week! I have yet to get back to it, too much going on, but I am hoping when things settle down to get started again. Though I couldn't do it with my dogs...too many squirrels! Good luck with it!



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