Friday, July 27, 2012


life rearranged

It has been a bit since I have written one of these. Mostly because my phone sucks... Oh did I say that out loud. 

Well it does! I freezes, drops calls, let's me answer calls but no one can hear me, makes calls but then it doesn't ring and has no sound and people think I am pocket dialing them, and it takes pictures about 20 percent of the time. Mine phone isn't even that old (ok maybe two years), but it is supposed to be a smart phone. 

I really want a new one, but both mine and the husband's car had to go into the shop. Mine for brakes, his for an e-vap problems that has made his check engine light be on forever, but it was time for a smog check so it had to be done. It turns out is was a tiny little leak that was nearly impossible to find and left me without a car for 3 days, since I am on break and he had to go to work. Which left me plenty of time to do random things around my house and no funds for new phones. So I guess it is time to try the factory reset and hope that they can last for a while longer. 

Speaking of time around the house. I did a bunch of cleaning. 

I cleaned out under all my cabinets in the kitchen. I cleaned up my pantry. I cleaned up my sewing/craftroom, which I really need to figure out a better way of organizing it, but that goes back to the no funds issue. 

I also finished a whole bunch of quilt blocks that were supposed to be done a long time ago for other people. 

But out of all of this, I think the most interesting thing has been the weather. I woke up to this on Monday morning.

Huge rain drops is not something we normally see in nor cal in the middle of July. The night before this Randall woke me up to tell me that there was a thunder and lighting storm. Mostly lighting for us, very little rumbling.

The best part about this little storm, was the fact that it broke the 100+ weather we were having. Now the weather has been in the 90s, but 90s are much better than 100s. 
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