Monday, January 9, 2012

Projects 2012 continued

So I went to find all those additional projects that I forgot to get pictures of yesterday. I actually only have three more to add, not five. I decided that  two of the projects that I have all the stuff for I am not sure I even what to do those quilts anymore.So those two don't meet my criteria of having all the stuff and every intention of making the project.

So here we go. This is an old picture, but it is still where this project is.

#25 Prarie Claw - Need to piece, bind and quilt.

praire claw-5.jpg

#26 Sweet Fandango (all set to go)

Sweet Fandango

#27 Swoon for Neptune (yep, I am breaking into my Neptune stash)

Swoon for Neptune

I had hoped to finish the binding on my quilt tonight, but I have caught this horrible flu/cold type thing that is spreading like wildfire through my classroom. I am too stuffy, too sneezey, and too foggy to be machine binding anything. However, I did get half way through and it is looking pretty good. 

Working on Binding

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  1. Oh I love Fandango!!! What are you making? and your swoon quilt will be gorgeous!

    Sorry you're sick...I hope you feel better soon!


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