Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Ugh, still sick over here. This cold/flu is just not wanting to leave me. It is a bad one that is spreading though my classroom like a wildfire. Each day I have a couple kids telling me that they feel sick and having to go home. That is one of the not so fun things about being a teacher, you are exposed to little petri dishes, i mean kids who like to share everything including their germs.

So not much progress going on. I did quilt my kaleidoscopic quilt

Kaleidoscope Quilt Along

and have the binding is done, but I left off because I felt too sick.

Working on Binding

so it still sits right where I left it, when I started feeling sick. I also thought about trying something I could do on the couch, but I just feel asleep.

As for my work in progress totals did you see my post of all the projects I have siting around here, either started or ready to go. If not let me fill you in I had to do two post as I forgot about some of my projects. All together I have of 29 things waiting for me.

Somehow, I need to figure out away to tackle all these. So this week I am not starting with a total count. I will figure it out when I am not sick.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're sick. congrats on almost finishing your kaleidoscope quilt! Can't wait to see the finished pic. Feel better soon!

  2. I know, I'm sick now too. : ( Sore throat and runny nose! Yuck! Well, the quilting on your kaleidoscope quilt looks great, I'm sure you'll have it done in no time once you feel better. Thanks for linking up!


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