Saturday, January 21, 2012

FNSI Recap

Friday Night Sew In. Ha! What was I thinking?

Oh I know I was thinking, "I will stay in and sew, I mean I have nothing to do. So why not?"
Let me tell you about why not. Beep beep - a text message reminding me of an appointment at 6:15pm. Hmmm, well that would push back sewing, but let's be real here, can't skip waxing, that is just a bad idea. Oh yeah and dinner. Can't cook dinner when I won't be back home until 7.

Ok a quick dinner out... Ha! Again. Everyone wanted a quick dinner out. That meant that a quick dinner out got us home at 8:30. I don't know what it is about the rain in CA, but everyone always seems to want to go out when it is raining.

Still plenty of time, just take the dogs out, change and ready to go. Sigh, that did not workout either. Freezing cold rain combined with dogs who refuse to potty when it rains = very drenched owner. Time for a bath to warm back up and now it is 9 sometimeish (yes, I did just make a word).

However, at this point I was determined to do something. Sew anything thing. I decided the most important task would be to finish one of my 4x5 blocks.

Then today I finished the other.


Well, at least that is two finished projects and my 4x5 blocks can go in the mail, just a week late. I know bad bee participate, but at least they are ready to go now.
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