Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm hiding, I'm hiding, and no one knows where/ WIP Wednesday

Being a bit silly with that title, but in all seriousness I am sorry I have been hiding. Tuesday was my first day back to work from vacation and boy it has been tough. Not that my students have been naughty. In all actuality, they have been pretty well behaved for the first couple days back from a break. It is all me. I always have the worst time getting back into my working routine. I miss waking up when I am ready to or when the dogs are hungry, reading emails and blogs before getting ready for the day, then do as I please when I please. Now, I have to be on a schedule and I am just not happy about it.

Plus, I haven't been being very creative. I have just been getting through the day and trying to get organized and back into a routine again. I haven't disappeared and I should be back soon with a completed quilt. I just need the energy/time to quilt it :)

Quilt back :)

I am also going to be quilting a table runner my mother-in-law pieced. She wants to learn how to quilt so I sat down with her and we put together a table runner. It might seem a little similar to one I did last year :)

Mother-in-law's outstanding piecing

It is a super easy project, and quick too. It only took us two hours to complete the top. Now, although I am sure I am a fantastic teacher (it is my job after all), but I am guessing her wonderful piecing and great job on it had more to do with the fact that she has been sewing for years. I did teach her some little "quilting" tricks and tips so hopefully they will help on her next project and give her some confidence to try piecing a top again.

That is it for my WIP this week. Two quilt sandwiches that need quilting.

If  I can get home before the sun sets I am going to take pictures of my work in progress boxes, piles and what not. That way I can figure out exactly what I would like to accomplish this year. Hopefully, next week will be a  much more creative one.

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  1. Oh, I know just what you mean about just sort of surviving when trying to readjust to the schedule again! (I don't have to be back to classes for another 10 days, so I'm trying to enjoy it fully, but it also makes it really difficult to get back...)

    Best of luck on the projects!

  2. Getting back into the routine is tough! Great work on that table runner with you MIL!


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