Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sunday stash #2 - collecting for swap

Recently I have been playing on instagram. Ok more like I have been playing on instagram a lot. It has been totally inspirational. I can easily scan the photos whenever I have a few moments. I also discovered swaps and I may have joined 4. Each one was fabric designer specific so of course I had to do some collecting.
All of these have been added to my stash in the last couple months... As I obviously forgot about blogging :)

First I joined the cotton and steel mini swap. It was the first that I joined and I may have went a bit over board on collecting fabric.

Next came the Lizzy House Mini swap fabrics:

Then Anna Maria Horner Mini swap and picked up these plus one more print for the cotton and steel mini:

Last but not least I joined the inside voices club from Westwood Acres fabric. They had a spot open up and I really like low volume but never buy it when I buy fabric so I thought it was a good choice for me.
I am hoping to cut back on my fabric buying spree. This is a little extreme...Even for me. I am guessing I am making up for taking a year away from quilt related activities. Yeah that sounds like a good excuse!

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  1. Those Lizzy House prints are so fun, I've never had the courage to join a swap, I think my self induced stress levels would not cope!

  2. Those Instagram swaps are indeed tempting! I am in the AMH one too but I have more than enough of her fabric already. ;-)


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