Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final 2014 WIP

Happy New Years Eve! It is the end of the year and time to reflect. This year has been a crazy one for me. I did not complete any of my sewing to do list. However, I did complete an educational administive program and I did get a new job. I guess that means I true can't say I didn't accomplish much in 2014


My final Work in Progress for 2014 is my sister-in-laws wedding quilt. It is already to be seen together and sent out to a Quilter. Does anyone have some good suggestions for a custom long arm Quilter? Since I don't want any quilting in the signature boxes, I can't just do any all over design. Suggestions would be appreciated.

I am also working on a cute little embroidery design, but I can't share to much or it will give away the surprise.

I also had one last fabric splurge for 2014. We went to a couple fabric shops during our visit to TX and I found a shop I adore in Dripping Springs called Valli and Kim. They had so many pretties including a whole bunch of Anne Marie Horner prints. There was so much I wanted to get, but these are what made the cut.


Happy New Year!


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