Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Work in Progress in a long time

This is my first work in progress in way too long. Hey, but at least I touched my sewing machine again and I even put together a little something.

I should be working on my sister-in-laws wedding quilt.

Nikki and Pauls Quilt WIP

However, instead I made myself this cute little scraptastic placemat. It is just a top right now, but that is a great start for two days.

Scraptastic placemat top

Good thing too. I was too worried to touch her quilt because it had been so long and I was worried about my 1/4 inch. I was right about that. It took two days of sewing to even get to something that is some what acceptable. Luckily this was a low value piece and it was really just for practice.

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  1. Very cute! Playing with scraps is fun!

  2. The wedding quilt is going to be awesome.
    Scraptastic placemats---I love that idea!


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