Monday, January 17, 2011

My day off

Done cleaning for the day. Although, the house is not ready for a white glove inspection, I am hoping it is clean enough to leave the dogs out without any worry of them destroying anything. Well at least it better be, because I am getting dressed, taking them for a walk and going shopping/returning.

I mean just look at these faces. How could they ever do anything bad.  :)

Then hopefully I will still have time for quilting. I have two projects I really want to work on today. One is for my Scrap-bee Blocks.
Donkey clipping
Dustin is asking for a donkey block. They ones that have been finished are looking pretty cute.

Then I have a choice to make. I have four quilts on my to do list. One has a deadline so I will probably work on that, but I kind of want to make a quilt for myself.

Another goal I have right now is to quilt my love road quilt before Valentine's Day. I just need some batting, too bad I already used up my quilting budget for the month.
Love Road Quilt 1
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. A donkey quilt block? I think I would need to see that before I could put "cute" and "donkey" in a sentence together!


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