Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't look now

Some how my office/sewing room has turned into a disaster area. I would show pictures but no one needs to see how messy I can really be. It is really scary.

Ok... Fine just one

or two pictures of the disaster area I call my office.

And then there is also this guy. The reason for the piles you see above. Just look at him looking oh so cute. Do you see that somewhat guilty look in his eyes???
Well, it is because he is not (let me repeat that NOT) an oh so cuddly, cute German shepherd. He is an evil German shepherd who seems to think when we are not home and people knock on our front door and/or put stuff in it, that it means that he has to destroy some sewing/quilting related items. Not just bark at them like a good dog.
The first time this happened it  was this:

Not to bad right. This was a few months ago. So I hung it up high along with all the rulers.

But then some aurifil thread; right off of the sewing machine. He also likes to eat batting, out of the drawers that he somehow manages to open. Oh and plastic, like the plastic top to my sewing supply box. I should have got a picture of that one. Now how is it that dog that can take thread off a machine, open doors and take lids off containers. That is just not right. It is evil!

And now this:

NO! NO! NO! I just got that one to replace the old one. It is the big guy the 36 incher.

This is it, the dog has got to...

Nah, I can't. I mean he is currently under my feet saying, "Mama I love you, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"I  know what to do. I will just pout until you forgive me. I am really sorry. I know I was a bad dog, you don't even have to say it."

So instead it is time to take over the room my hubby is currently using for his office. I just can't do it anymore, I need a door. I need to not have ever thing piled up. I tried. I tried really had to make this work, but it is not working. So dear husband, who does not read my blog... Don't look now, because I am telling the whole world that office will be mine soon... Very very soon.

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  1. Animals! I have to keep all my sewing stuff picked up because my cat gets into them. He once took all the pins out of my pincushion, and left them all over the floor, and he takes the spools of thread and plays with them, thread ALL through the house, what a mess.


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