Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it really February?

January is over and I still have nothing to show. At least nothing to show of completed quilts. It isn't that I failed to complete a quilt this month.. The problem is I missed the baby shower to hand over that quilt.  I know that the person I am giving the quilt to reads my facebook, which means she has access to flickr. That in turn means I can't share, yet. Darn that flickr now working with Facebook! I know I could probably change that, but that would take effort I am not willing to put in.

I have been working on these. I am half way done cutting and pressing. Just a little stack more to go.

This is for another baby quilt. It will be finished, and I will make this baby shower. So most likely you will see this completed quilt before the other one.

Luckily, I have my helpers.

This girl - Suzie, toy always in hand

And this big boy, Gus - Pouting as always

I would have probably finished my quilt pressing/cutting tonight if my computer hadn't decided to give me the blue screen of death. 

So, off to bed I go. A half hour late, without my project finished.  However, most importantly, my computer is fixed.

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  1. Hello Jennifer!
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment!
    You have wonderful blog! I'm waiting to see lots of photos of your beautiful quilts! Would you show us your older quilts also!
    I just adore your dogs!
    Sunny wishes from Teje
    Ps. Hugs for Suzie and Gus


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