Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fail - Work in Progress #7

So Wednesdays are not a good day for me. I know I should complete my post before hand and then have it set to post, but I have been kind of busy with the whole switching offices thing and the evil having to work thing. I mean how else would I earn money for my slight fabric addiction. Anyhow, I have meetings on Wednesday. Every Wednesday in the am and every other Wednesday in the evening. So that would explain the lack of posts every other Wedesnday.

I did get a couple things done this week though.
Completed Projects:

I finished the Paris Traveler's Bag

I also finished two blocks for my bees.
ScrapBee block - I really love the little owls and do you see some Riley block in this :)
Scrap- bee Block Feb

A Twist on Tradition Bee Block
Feb Bee block for Twist on Tradition
New Projects:

After the dog fiasco I decided that it was time to move. So I am switching offices with the hubby. I have moved a bookcase worth of stuff, now for the fabric and other such items. I may even be getting a new sewing table from a friend at work who no longer sews. Lucky me :).

Ongoing Projects:

Just a couple blocks left for the Posh Quilt. I need to cut more fabric though because I guess I can't count.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Loves Road
I didn't do anything with these:
Halloween Quilt (almost a UFO)
Peace Purse  (Really need to just get this one done)
Hexagon Christmas Table Runner/Hexagon Christmas Pillows (dog ate the needle threader) I am NOT happy about that.

UFOs -
Scrappy Bear
This week's stats:

New projects: 1
Completed projects : 3
Currently in progress - 7

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