Monday, March 7, 2011

Organizing my office/craftroom

Last week I posted about my evil dog and taking over the hubby's office. Well, I spent much of my weekend working on organizing my my crafting and office stuff. I was going to take over my husband's office but it is so, so much smaller than mine. Plus, I like my set up and the light in here. Instead I just took over the medium sized walk in closet.
I have put all my cookbooks, call my other non-quilting craft supplies, and some of my larger quilting supplies in there. 

I also cleaned up my bookcase and reorganized it. Yes you do see the Cheshire Cat up there.

I bought some boxes at Target to put my work in progress projects in. I am hoping to get down to only 6 (I need one more box, but they were out).

However, while organizing these, I realized that I have a lot more than six projects. Not that I have started many of them, but I have all the supplies for them. Well, maybe not all the backing, but all the supplies none the less.

I have 3 kits that I have started on.

I have 3 sets of precut that have intended purposes, that I also haven't started on.

I have the supplies for 3 bags. Two of which are in those boxes you see above.

I  have fabric for additional quilts I have planned on making.

I have fabric for kitchen towels and a drying mat.

All I can say is oh my! I am going to try to work on these before buying anymore projects. At least that is what I am telling myself right now.

So I came up with a new binder. It is my work in progress binder. It is way too full.

I am also signed up for the Friday Night Sew  in over at Handmade by Heidi. As one of those projects has to be done by Saturday Morning for the SMQG February Challenge.
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  1. I admire your organization, and it looks great! Are you for hire? ;)

  2. Good job!! Whoop! Whoop!

  3. Your space looks great!
    I've lost count on how many WIPs I have.... ;^)


  4. Your work space looks great! I like to use Starbucks bags (those cool little brown paper totes) to put fabric I've set aside for projects in - you can staple a label to the outside to tell what's in it, and they stand up so nice on the shelf! Good work this week - whoop whoop!!

  5. Organization feels so good doesn't it! Enjoy your new space! I am a sucker for Costco spinach containers. They are great for fat quarters and WIPs!


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