Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up #1

This weekend I went to the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Meeting. There were some wonderfully creative pieces of work. But I have to say one of my favorites was Katie's. I just adore her mini quilts!

Now I want some of the Sherbet Pips fabric. Mainly the one she bound her quilt in.

Also one our new members, Nancy, shared the book Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots.  So now I want that too. Or at least to borrow it for a couple of the patterns.

I finished the top for my posh quilt. Here is a sneak peek, check back later this week to see a nice picture of it and more details.

Other than that, I dealt with a sick dog. He ate too much of his sisters food (darn husband didn't screw the cap down on the food container).

I also cleaned, grocery shopped, and did some laundry. I know the fun stuff, right?  And I decide to move my blog to here. Hope some of my followers follow me here.

I did do one fun thing during cleaning though. I got out my spring table runner. My first completed project for 2010, when I decided to start quilting again.

Now I am just trying to decided in I want to join a quilt a long.

Lily's Quilts QAL
It looks like a lot of fun. I even got out this stack of fabric.

To join or not to join? What do you think. If I do I think I would only do one block and make a mini quilt. Thanks for the inspiration Katie :)

I will have to think about it a little more.  Hope everyone had a successful and fun weekend also!


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  1. love seeing your dogs! I just want to rub those soft ears :) And so glad you liked my little quilt! thank you.


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