Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fabric Organization

Once upon a time I had organized my office/sewing room. I had two places I where I was keeping my fabric.

The first place was in this old ikea dresser.

The second was in the closet in my husbands office. You can see UFOs, neutrals yardage, and scraps (yes that bottom one is all scraps).

Then the ikea dresser broke. The bottom of the drawers fell out due to the weight of the fabric. Well that and the fact that it was an old cheap ikea dresser, that had already seen its best of days. So, I added all my fabric to the closet and those three boxes you see up top.

Well, a couple months passed, and the fabric became a disaster. I couldn't even really get to it because it was too heavy for me to get down from the shelf and I didn't like being separated from my pretty fabric.

At this point I wish I had remember to take a picture of my before boxes to share with you. Lets just say it was bad. Really bad. Like so bad that I just spent the last 2.5 hours organizing my fabric.

I looked and looked on craig's list, ikea, online, and every where I could think of for a cheap inexpensive dresser. I just wasn't happy with anything I could find and the price I could find them for. Plus, I don't really have room for a dresser now that I added this darling sewing table.

So, in the end this is what I came up with.

I put my fat quarters to yard sized piece of fabrics all color coded in the two top shelves and then I organized all my scraps to match the colors above. So the first drawer set has: white, tans, browns, blacks, and grays in the first drawer, the second drawer has reds, oranges, and yellows, and the bottom drawer has scraps that fall into all those color categories. I am hoping this will help me use my scraps better and not feel like it is a chore to try and find scraps for my scrap-bee blocks group.

The three big boxes in the corner have my neutrals (more than a yard pieces), backing fabric and UFOs. I will probably ended up labeling this summer, but maybe not.

The only other thing I am going to do, is have my husband put blocks under the legs; to raise the table to a good height to turn it into my cutting table. I usually use the kitchen island, but I am only 5'6 (on a good day) and 37 inches is a little too high for me. I am going to have him make this 35ish inches.

Oh yeah, and if you are worried about this two naughty dogs getting to my stuff. Then you will have to read again at some later date to find out what happened and why I am not worried about them getting it.

And no I didn't get rid of them. Although, after my story you may think I am crazy for not doing so.


  1. Your organization looks great and those pups look like they are hiding the best secret. Can't wait to hear what happened. I always mean to ask what their names are too. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  2. Love your idea with the rolling drawers! I have one of those now. I feel some shifting coming on!

  3. That is a darling sewing table! It's awesome. The dogs are pretty darling, too.


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