Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Accomplishment

I wasn't feeling to great yesterday. So I actually stayed home, and Friday Night Sew In became Friday day so in. I worked slowing, taking lots of couch resting breaks, on making my doll quilt to for the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Challenge. I didn't quite finish. I would have but I was rushing and messed up on the binding.

I started with this pile. 

Cut lots of squares and strips:

Then chain pieced them like so: 

Then cut them apart:

Then used my Square in Square ruler by Jodi Barrows. To make some of these. 

Then chain pieced some more: 

That continued for 2 more types of blocks. I wish I could show you them, but somehow I forgot I had a camera for those other blocks.

Then I sewed it all together. Which didn't turn out perfectly because I can't seem to read right. Which I just realized now, when I was about to complain about it. However I will complain because the directions are some what confusing. I used the book Moving on with Diamonds.
Moving On with Diamonds

In the book there are lots of options to use her ruler. On the option #1 table of Total Finished size the columns are as follows, sewn-finished, cut  center square, Cut Strip size. On the option #7 table of Total Finished size the columns are as follows,cuts size of rectangle unit, sewn-finished size, cut strip for center diamond, cut strip size. Consequently, I made the one for the cut size of rectangle unit. Not the sewn finished size. I checked and rechecked that many times yesterday, but it didn't seem to help. I still messed up. User error but error none the less. 

However, the quilt did turn out cute. Just far from perfect. So here is the quilt, it just needs to be bound and washed and give to some little girl to play with.

I may even know a little girl who still plays with dolls that I am sure would love it, even with its imperfections. 

I really do like it. Maybe I will try again, some other time, and consider this one practice. Seeing as once I was done, I saw many things I would have like to have done differently. Plus maybe I will understand the technique better after I take a class from Jodi Barrows that my mom signed us both up for. Thanks Mom! 

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  1. this is so cute! i love the fabric you used!

  2. Very pretty! I can't believe how small the pieces are!

  3. Wow that is some intense and tiny piecing!! I love your color choices. Thanks for linking to Quilt Story :)


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