Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Resolutions/ Tasks

I know most people make new years resolutions. However, I am a teacher and the new year is really just a middle of my school year for me. So every summer I start summer resolutions.  Often they start in May when the sun comes back out and then continue through the summer.  I always want them to last until the next year, but that doesn't always happen. So maybe I should call them summer tasks.

So here are some of my summer resolutions/tasks:

  • Exercise more - I already started this, I have been using the treadmill that gramps gave us. 
  • Go to the farmer's market weekly
  • Deep clean the house (carpets, tile, wood floors, blinds, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets) 
  • Come up with a cleaning schedule
  • Touch up wall paint and base board paint
  • Get the carpet fixed (darn dogs) 
  • Clean the garage 
  • Organize my teaching stuff. Decide what I what to keep, sell, giveaway. 
  • Paint my new sewing table.
  • Get a new dresser/hutch/something to hold my quilting stuff (the ikea one broke and a new one just wouldn't match my cute new to me sewing table)
  • Organize said quilting stuff (I am not enjoying having it in more than one room)
  • Create a design wall 
  • Make a list of all my projects that I already have materials for
  • Actually work on those projects
  • Sew more/get better at sewing
  • Blog more

As for the sew more/get better at sewing I am joining the:

We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler 

BWS tips button

Leila is hosting it and it looks like a lot of fun. I am really look forward to, OK maybe dreading, November -Paper Piecing. As Paper Piecing is a skill I have not tried and it makes me a bit nervous, but after all this is a skill building sampler so I will go for it. 

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