Thursday, May 19, 2011

This cute little thing

I know you have seen her around her before.

I know she looks adorable and sweet. Especially last year when she was a puppy as seen above.

However, she can be quite the little devil.

Suzie has become a German Shepherd teenager.

During this adolescence phase, two week ago to be exact. She decided a great idea would be to run through moms legs, while I was walking.

 It wasn't so bad to have a German Shepherd run through your legs when she was this big.

However now it was not such a good idea. So I fell on the concrete in the backyard and bounced on to the grass. Yes bounced. Luckily my husband came running outside without the camera, so I can't post me sprawled out on the grass. Although that probably would have been funny to add.

Luckily nothing was broken. Just my whole left side was sore, very sore and couldn't get to sewing any my bee projects. I actually could hardly walk for a couple days. I am starting to feel like such a slacker. This is the second month I was late.

However, I am getting back into the swing of things. I finished both my late earlier this week and the blocks are out in the mail. Sorry bee peeps! I am planning on starting my new bee blocks soon. Hopefully they won't be late too :)

Btw, I hope that after summer I can look skinny like that again. Seeing as that was just last summer. This school year has been a killer on me. I guess that is another summer goal. Oh summer goals.


  1. Your pup is adorable, but I'm sorry to hear about the scoot through the legs act. I have to laugh a little... since I've been there. Good thing the cuteness makes up for it. Feel better!!

  2. I love seeing your dog! She is adorable :) they are such good dogs too, makes me want one of my own.


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