Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Accomplishments #2

Sorry I didn't post yesterday about this. I wasn't feeling well  after  I got home from the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Meeting and visiting family. Plus, it wasn't very light outside which was the reason I waited to take the pictures in the first place. However, I did participate in the Friday Night Sew In and I actually accomplished a couple things.

Handmade by Heidi

Here is what I like about the Friday Night Sew In. One, it is the day before my quilt guild meeting, which means I get to finish up something before the actually meeting. Two, it is fun to know that others are sitting at their sewing machines trying to accomplish something too. Three, it allows me to see peoples work I may not have seen before.

OK on to my accomplishments.

I worked on my Kona Challenge.

I tried this:

Kona challenge tries

And this:

kona challenge tries

And this:

kona challenge tries

Finally, I went with this:

Kona Challenge Quilts Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild

I kinda finished it, but not quite. I am either going to add another row or take it apart and go with the stars in the middle. After seeing pictures I am not to happy with it. Then I will add the back, which will be paw prints.

Why? Well, because I am going to give this to my Suzie girl as her place. It is one of my dogs commands. We tell them to go to place and they lay there until they are told they can move (free dog). Great way to keep them under wraps and controlled, especially in high stress situations for them.

I also finished my June bee blocks for A Twist on Tradition. These will go in the mail on Monday.


That was it. I had planned on cutting fabric too, but the light wasn't very good and I wasn't feeling the best. I am pretty sure my dog shared her stomach flu with me. Thanks Suzie!

But she is back to her normal self, playing ball and everything. Thanks for everyone's concern and good wishes for her. It made me feel better if nothing else :)

suzie is feeling better

On a side note, some German Shepherds are vicious water attacking dogs.
Water attack by Gus the German Shepherd
water attack by German Shepherd-2.jpg
I am going to get that water
water attack by German Shepherd-3.jpg
water attack by German Shepherd-4.jpg
beginning of the attack
water attack by German Shepherd-5.jpg
I am going to get it
water attack by German Shepherd-6.jpg
missed, must get the water
water attack by German Shepherd-7.jpg
water attack by German Shepherd-8.jpg
Look at those blood thirsty eyes
Ok maybe not so vicious, but adorable when they want to play again!
water attack by German Shepherd-9.jpg
Ruff! Again Mom and Dad! Again!
I will be checking out the link for other sew ins can't wait to see what you all accomplished. Have a fun weekend!


  1. First of all, nice quilt, love the colors! Second, you made me laugh out loud with the pictures of your dog! That is so precious and funny!


  2. Great photos of your dogs! Glad to see Suzie is better.

  3. Love those star blocks for the Kona Challenge = the different colors in the star blocks are catching. Water Attack Dogs! I remember doing that with my dog as a child..what fun dogs have with water. :)

  4. I can't ever water anything around my dog. She starts pacing when I go around the side of the house the hose is on. Love the Kona Challenge.


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