Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am already a follower, I might as well join too

First I started reading blogs,  just kinda peeking around admiring all the pretty quilts. Then I started following some, because I like reading them so much. Before long I was commenting about the lovely quilts. Then I started my own blog focusing mostly on quilting (and that life thing). Now, I am planning on joining. Yes I am going to be a joiner too.

There are two quilt alongs that have really peaked my interest. 

The first is Elizabeth's Kaleidoscope Quilt-Along. 

It looks fun. I like kaleidoscopes. I like following her; as she is always nice, her work is beautiful, and makes lovely comments/replies back when you comment. So I figured go for! Join! But this time actually join. Not just consider joining. So here I go, I am saying it. I am join the Kaleidoscope Quilt-Along! There it is done. Now you can hold me too it. Now the question is will I finish by her August deadline. 

And then there is this one: 

I adore this company's purse patterns. Haven't tried one out yet, but I still adore them. They are so cute. I also have been wanting to try embroidery. 

My mom helped me with some stitches last summer when I was at my brothers and I thought it was relaxing and fun. Then I came home, got a puppy, and haven't picked it up since. I figure why not play along this summer. I am already a little behind because the cutting of the fabric has already started and I missed the 10% 
off, but I am going for it anyways. 

The kit is official purchased so there is no turning back.

Image from the (click it to find your way to their blog)

By the way if you are interested there is only one kit left, well at least there was only one when I clicked the order at 9:08 pm west coast time. 

So I am now officially a joiner too. How about you all? Has anyone joined anything recently? Anyone else joining these with me?


  1. Hi Jenn,
    I admire your willingness to join in...I wish I could join in with the Kaleidescope QA but I'm still working on the Block-A-Palloza (Quilt Dad)and the Supernova (Lee from Freshly Pieced) QA's. I'm not letting myself start any new ones until I'm done with those. Good luck on both of your QA's - they both look amazing. :)

  2. Yay, I'm glad you're joining the Kaleidoscope QA! Should be a lot of fun - I can't wait for it to start. : )

  3. I'm like a little butterfly - I flutter along trying one project, then eagerly move on to something else. I think if I were to join a quilt along I'd never keep up....I'd be off on a tangent trying something new that just popped into my head!

    It's great to have them 'stored' on the web though then you can go back and visit them and pick up where you left off - at your own pace!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Sew Ray Me

  4. I'm with you on the Embroidery; well, I'm still trying to locate some of the tomato stripe that I screwed up and cut wrong. Sigh... Anyway, I also wanted to tell you about another one that is just one block a month for embroidery over at littlemissshabby. They are birdies! Very cute!

  5. Hi! Congrats on being on summer break already ... my students take the last exam on Monday! :)

    You might have me joining that Kaleidoscope quilt along too! :-)

    Hope you enjoy your kit!

  6. Ooh, I like those fabric choices


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