Monday, June 13, 2011

I have been lucky

Really lucky recently. So we all know about my wonderland find.

Wonderland by Momo Fat Quarter Pack 2

But now I found something even more fun. Well at least too me. I found Neptune by Tula Pink at this little local quilt store near my mom's house. Not on sale, but I just had to have it.

Netune Find

Well, I went a little insane. Ok I may have had a manic moment. I just won't admit that to my husband. My manic moment will eventually turn out good for online fabric buyers, as I am going to sell part of it. That is after I made a quilt or two and back them.

I have also been lucky in the giveaway department and I haven't been keeping up with posting about my winnings, which isn't very kind of me. Those nice lady had some wonderful giveaways and the least I can do for winning is give back some bloggy love and public thank yous. So we will start with the most recent arrival.

I got this book and wallet from Colleen at the busy bean blog. I actually won during the sew mama sew giveaway day. The book is signed.

giveaway winnings

And the wallet is just lovely. Thanks Colleen.

Giveaway winnings

I also won this stack of kona solids from Heather at house of alamode .

Giveaway Winnings

This was a while ago, but life got busy for her and life got busy for me. Anyhow, Thanks Heather!

Then way back in April I won this book and these fat quarters from the author of the book on her blog. Thanks Cindy at Hyacinth Quilt Designs.

Giveaway Winnings

Even with all my fabric luck and winning I think most lucky thing is that I get to spend each day with my little family.

My family

And that I got to spend a day sewing with my mom down in LA. More about that later!

Ok those are all my thank yous and my recent good luck.

BTW - on the not so good luck side as I was taking a pictures for this post my brother calls to tell me that my email had been hacked and I sent out dirty pictures to my whole contact list. Luckily it was email that I hardly use with a short contact list. I cleaned my computer and changed passwords so all should be better now. Sorry if you got one those emails.


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  1. Ahhhhhhh! I would LOVE to buy some Neptune!! : ) Let me know if you would like to sell it to me, because seriously, I will buy it! (Provided you don't jack the price way up on me!)

    For what it's worth, if I had come across Neptune in a store, I probably would have hyperventilated and then bought out their entire inventory. Where on earth are you finding this stuff??


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