Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Square in a Square class

I went down to LA last week to visit my mom. She signed us up for a square in a square class by Jodi Barrows. It was for the prairie claw class. I posted this photo earlier this month with examples.

Prairie Claw examples

Oh my gosh, Jodi was such a nice and funny person. I really enjoyed the class and the time I spent with my mom.

We learned a lot about her method. Plus some great tips for sewing especially for chain piecing. Just look at all those strips waiting to be sewn.

Square in a square class

So here are some pictures of both mine and my mom's versions mixed together, because of course I couldn't remember to take pictures all the time.

First you start with awesome chain piecing.

Square in a square class

Then you press and it looks like this.

Square in a square class

Next you magically cut them up with her special square in a square ruler.

Square in a square class

And you get these, which by the way I think the teacher was a little shocked that mine turned out to be the right size.

Square in a square class

And these.

praire claw-2.jpg

Here is my mom's block ready to be sewed.

Square in a square class

I finished all my pieces, but I didn't like this version.

praire claw-3.jpg

So I am thinking, this version

praire claw-5.jpg

Or this

praire claw-7.jpg

What do you think?

Oh yeah and I have a couple great stories from this class. The first is when someone asked me how long I had been married to my husband. I responded with two years, but we have been together for ten years. The lady's response was oh you guys were high school sweet hearts! - Wow now that made me feel good more like the end of college, but thanks for the compliment. It would be nice to be 4 years younger.

Then some mature woman came up to my mom and I and asked if we were mother daughter. My mom replied was "why yes". Then the lady turned to me and said, "Do you think you will become a quilter now?" I smiled and said " I already am", and my mom told her about me and the Sacramento quilt guild. The lady just looked at us very bewildered, like how could this young thing be a quilter. Then she walked away in a state of confusion.


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    Love those blocks...and your stories too! =)

    Most of the ladies in the guild I joined are old enough to be my mom or grandma or great grandma! =) I've seen one or two that might, just might be my age. =) Yay for getting into quilting young. =) LOL!

    Cute post.

  2. lol - in my latest blog post I have a link to a newspaper essay where the writer says "there are no young quilters". Ha ha. (Although I am only young at heart, myself!) Love your devil's claw blocks - I like the one with the all pink squares best.

  3. Great post Jenn! Loved the stories but now I'm annoyed because I'm in LA and you didn't tell me you would be here! :) Just Kidding. Where did you take the class?

  4. How fun that you were able to take a class with your mom! I remember being told I was too young to be a quilter too. Funny, I haven't heard that in a while. ;)


  5. fun your class with your mom. I love the first version. hugs

  6. I love your 2nd block version, the one with the pink/black polka-dots as the cross. I looked on her website at the ruler, which one did you use for this block? I'd love to attempt it. I'm stopping by from Greta's Quilter's Favorite linky party that wouldn't let us in...I was 3rd in line, trying to link up. :( Oh well. I loved your post for that too.


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