Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday fun

First off I have a nearly finished project. Yesterday I went to my LQS and rented the long arm there.

Posh quilt in progress of getting quilted

Can I just say wow that took forever. The computer kept messing up. I having to call the the owner to help me fix things, but I learned a lot. And it looks very nice.

posh quilt in progress of getting quilted

I hope next time it won't take quite as long. Next time I am also free motioning instead of choosing a computer design. Yes even with the frustration as soon as I save up some more money I will be going back to finish another quilt.

4 hours later and my quilt top was done.

posh quilt nearly done

Now on today's fun. Or maybe not so much fun.

Today will be all about organizing.

First there is the garage.

Garage teaching mess

That is all my kindergarten and 1st grade teaching mess. My goal is to have that organized before the hubby gets home.

Then there is my sewing room that has exploded. I have way to many projects going on right now. That my organizational skills are lacking.

sewing room messs

It has even entered other rooms of the house.

SMQG stuff

I will be working on this mess this evening.

Office/sewing room exploded

Then maybe I can work on finishing my blue and orange quilt.

Orange and Blue Quilt

 I have everything I just need to make the quilt and sandwich and get to quilting.
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  1. Still love those orange and blue fabrics. I'm enjoying those (along with green!) for my skill builder. Your posh quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  2. I think the templates and computer designs are so much more dfficult than free motion on the long arm! After attempting the templates in our class, I decided to stick with FMQ :) The design you chose looks really good though, so it was probably worth the extra effort. I finally cleaned my sewing room last night (it was a disaster!) and am going to finish one last quilt on the long arm this morning! Good luck with your cleaning this weekend.

  3. OOH gorgeous quilt top,you have me thinking if I can take a class at my LQS soon!

    Plantation shutters so pretty in your sewing room;)

  4. That is an aggressive organization schedule, WHEW, I am tired just reading it!

    Here's a WHOOP WHOOP to keep you motivated!

    Great job on the quilt too!

  5. Such a pretty quilt! And yes, it will go easier next time - it always does! And I think you'll love FMQ - so much more fun than letting the computer do it! Good luck on the organizing. Whoop whoop!!

  6. Good job!! Love the pattern of that quilt you just finished. And all those color combos you've come up with in recent blogs -- yummo! You know the secret to keep your spaces from getting messed up again, right? Put stuff back where you got them. I know, I sound like a Mom (which, of course I am) but it took me decades to learn that the saying is true!!! But it's so hard to do, especially in the sewing room ;-)

  7. Yikes! That quilting machine looks a little scary! How great that it did it all in 4 hours though, I found it really difficult quilting my quilt on my standard sewing machine - the quilt was so heavy!


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