Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing with Fabric

I have been playing with fabric. Lots of fabric. Shopping too :) I found this interesting quilt store near my house that I had no idea was out there. And when I say out there I mean out in the rural area of my town. 

I am working on some color combinations for the 4x5 modern bee

My partners have asked for:

blues (aqua, turquoises), orange, white

4x5 modern quilt bee fabric?

pink, green, gray

4x5 modern quilt bee fabric?

blue, green, white & aqua, bright green, optional red accents

4x5 modern quilt bee fabric?

turquoise/aqua, red, white

4x5 modern quilt bee fabric?

I think I am doing pretty good with all but the aqua and red. I just seem to find modern red to go with aqua. Any suggestions out there? 
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  1. No suggestions but all that gorgeous fabric is making me drool! I need it all :P



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