Thursday, July 7, 2011

Storm at Sea Doll Quilt

The details:

This quilt was made for a Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Doll Quilt Challenge. I was having the hardest time coming with a plan. I kept debating on what to do. Then my mom convinced me to do a mini storm at sea, as it is my all time favorite quilting pattern.

Storm at Sea Close up

I knew I didn't want to cut out all those tiny little templates, so I thought of another method. I used the square in a square technique.

Storm at Sea Doll Quilt blocks in progress

The only reason it isn't perfect is I messed up, after double checking to making sure I wouldn't mess up. For a while it turned into a UFO, since I wasn't perfectly happy with it and I messed up the binding. So I was grumpy with it... ok maybe myself.

Storm at Sea Doll Quilt in progress

However, I now think it turned out pretty cute.I am hanging it up in my sewing room for a bit, as it is my favorite pattern and it is a reminder to me that I should not: to wait until the last moment, rush, and to just finish things.

Storm at Sea doll Quilt

Quilt Stats:
Name: Storm at Sea Doll Quilt
Size: approx. 19' x 13"
Fabrics:  Tula Pink Parisville French Lace in pomegranate, Kona cotton in berry and pond. 
Binding: Kona Coal
Pattern: Storm at Sea
Technique: Square in a Square
Quilting: large cross hatching 
Completed: July 2011

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  1. Nice job - I find doing a small storm at sea is to paperpiece. Patience is a virtue - so they say.

  2. Such a pretty pattern - not one I have seen before! I may have to give this a run myself..... Whoop whoop!!!

  3. I've always found the Storm at Sea intriguing but haven't tried one yet myself. Yours looks great on your sewing room wall. Nice job - and all those itty-bitty pieces!

  4. Wow, so tiny for such an incredible pattern, looks great!

  5. Congrats and Whoop Whoop! I thrilled to see all the specifics of the quilt. I'm afraid I tend to just finish and go on to another quilt, without documenting the one I've made. Keep it up, you'll be glad!

  6. Congrats for finishing such a tiny quilt. My goodness, I think you did a great job with such tiny pieces. Love the look on your wall. Really pretty.


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