Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Please don't hate me for being lucky, but I went shopping with another member of the Sacramento modern quilt guild after our montly SMQG meeting and I found more Tula Pink neptune and some full moon forest. We drove all the way to the bay area to a shop that was closing down.
Neptune and Full Moon Forest

I didn't get a really good deal though, bay area prices are well bay area prices. Just look at the next paragraph. 

However, the luck kind of run out. First it started with paying $12.95 a yard for the sucker, but I didn't have this print so I picked it up.


Then I couldn't leave with out getting something for the 4x5 modern bee.

4x5 fabric finds

Some color requests there that were also $12.95 a yard. Darn Bay Area prices. I guess you can charge more in Berkeley than in Sacramento.

Then instead of sewing on Sunday my husband had me work on this...

The messy garage

Yes that is our garage. I didn't get the true before picture but please imagine that on a whole car side of the garage. Anyone else out there have a garage problem? I know I do. It seems that we clean it and then explodes again and we have to clean it all over again.

Speaking of a problem. See this stack.

Books and other teaching stuff

All the boxes and crates back there are my teaching books and K-2 classroom library. These have been hiding out in my garage for over a year. Taking up space. Ever since I decided to move up to 4th grade.

This week I have to go through them and decide what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. My neigbors are having a garage sale next weekend. I think I will sit out there selling books and teaching crap... I mean very important teaching books and toys that my students had used for centers.

Even with the cleaning and no quilting time, I did find time to check out my plants...

First tomatoes

And look what I found..

First harvest

Tomatoes! The first really harvest this year. There has only been two other tomatoes so far.

How was all of your weekends?

I hope you had fun!

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  1. I have a stack like that! I'm a speech pathologist but I haven't been working the past two years so all my stuff is stacked up like that in my basement. Glad you found some good fabrics; sorry they weren't on sale!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Ok so paid $12.95 a yard but look at what you got - gorgeous fabrics! Nothing better than home grown tomatoes - sometimes I can't help myself and eat them for breakfast. My weekend consisted of a quick trip to San Diego, watching my boy play soccer and catching up my a week's worth of Google Reader!


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